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OSGeo in 2007

Welcome to the first edition of the OSGeo Annual Report -- a lot happened in 2007 and this document brings together highlights from across the spectrum of OSGeo activities. Nearly 50 reports from dozens of different authors and communities were contributed.

OSGeo has continued to grow, here are a few statistics to help show the magnitude of development during last year.

  • 1st OSGeo branded FOSS4G conference hosted 720+ attendees
  • 3 new volumes of the OSGeo Journal, 44 articles and over 70 contributors
  • 5 new projects entered incubation (14 total)
  • 6 Local Chapters were officially approved (9 in total) and a total 20+ Local Chapters have been started
  • 7 initial Foundation Sponsors
  • ~\$160,000 in sponsorship collected
  • 100+ mailing lists, 13,300+ subscribers
  • 6,000,000+ lines of code, representing 1,400+ years of effort across all projects
  • Dozens of presentations, workshops and events around the world!
  • Web site statistics (May-Dec, no robots/worm traffic reported):
    • 147,000 unique visitors (54\% increase),
    • 284,000 visits (51\% increase),
    • 1,502,508 pages (46\% increase),
    • 7,588,049 hits (80\% increase),
    • 140.71GB bandwidth
    • Portions of website translated into 13 different languages

Throughout the following reports you will learn more about the projects and teams that made all this happen. It has been an incredible year to watch and a great challenge to keep up with all that has developed.

This is also your invitation to join in. You will find that many of the reports identify specific areas where you can help. Links to all our projects and their mailing lists are available on the main website.

I hope you enjoy the articles and I look forward to this report next year as we continue to sail through the exciting and uncharted open source geospatial world.

Sincerely, Tyler

[NOTE: The next edition of the OSGeo Journal will be back to normal, including Case Studies, Project Introductions and more.