Board Meeting 2012-03-22

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This board meeting is scheduled for the 22th of March 2012 at 17:00 UTC on IRC and follow up voting on Skype or by email. PLEASE CHECK YOUR LOCAL TIME SHIFT!


  • Review past minutes: Face to Face Meeting Seattle 2012
  • Appoint secretary
  • Action items from last meeting
    • ...
  • Appoint Anne Ghisla as GSoC administrator for 2012
  • Resignation of Director Jeff McKenna
  • FOSS4G 2012 update
  • FOSS4G paper archives to be submitted to ELOGeo (Jo to provide background and thoughts on this)
  • Kick-starting the marketing discussions
  • Finances
  • please add items


  • [17:08]
    • review of last meeting (F2F) minutes
    • noted we completed the Amicus letter work
    • mpg did not do inventory of committees and local chapters
    • Daniel did not resolve 'c3 vs. 'c6 issue
  • [17:20]
    • appointed Anne Ghisla as GSoC administrator for 2012
  • [17:23]
    • discussion of the unfilled board position
    • mpg's motion to leave spot empty until next round of elections: did not pass
    • Jo's motion to ask the Charter Members if we should hold an early election for the empty director position (not a formal vote, just getting input): passes
  • [17:55]
    • update from Frank on Beijing FOSS4G conference
    • website still not fully ready, communications lacking
    • summary statement:
      • (1) we are concerned
      • (2) we don't see we have much leverage, but we'll continue to try and reach out
      • (3) we don't expect a loss
      • (4) but we don't expect a profit either
    • we will do a post-mortem when it's all over -- some lessons to be learned here
    • the RFP process has begun for next year and is ahead of the schedule it had been on for the last couple of years, which had slipped (thanks to pwramsey)
  • [18:11]
    • discussion of putting FOSS4G conference papers on ELOgeo
    • motion to do so passes
    • Jo to look into doing a bulk import, etc, and report back
  • [18:21]
    • Daniel has a bookkeeper review our QuickBooks stuff
    • he reports that there are lots of issues that would need to be fixed in order to produce proper financial statements
    • not decided what to do yet, but might hire someone to do the cleanups for all past years
    • would cost in $2K range, under his $5K discretionary limit
  • [18:26]
    • kick-starting the Marketing discussion
    • fired-up after F2F, then went quiet
    • will continue via email
  • [18:29]
    • adjourn
    • mpg appointed self to start plan for DC F2F meeting

Assigned Tasks

  1. mpg to do inventory of committees and local chapters (carried over from previous meeting)
  2. Daniel to resolve 'c3 vs. 'c6 issue
  3. Jo to start investigating the ELOgeo importation process
  4. Daniel to decide what to do about QuickBooks issue
  5. mpg to get a plan for DC F2F meeting


  1. accept minutes from the F2F meeting -- 1/Peter, 2/Frank -- Peter,Frank,Daniel,Tim,Jo,Michael +1, Mark +0
  2. appointed Anne Ghisla as GSoC administrator for 2012 -- 1/Daniel, 2/Mark -- all +1
  3. hold board membership at 8 until election time -- 1/Michael, 2/Mark -- Frank,Jo -1, Tim,Peter,Daniel,Mark,Michael +1
  4. the board should ask the Charter Members, via the discuss list, if they feel strongly that we should hold an election for the vacant director's position, or are happy for us to wait until the next proper election -- 1/Jo, 2/Mark -- Jo,Mark,Peter,Frank,Tim +1, Daniel +0, Michael -0
  5. we begin to archive all FOSS4G materials on the ELOGeo site -- 1/Jo, 2/Peter -- all +1
  6. adjourn -- 1/Tim, 2/Frank -- all +1