Board Meeting 2023-02-27

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This board meeting is scheduled Monday 27 February 2023 at 16:00 UTC through Jitsi, a record of motions is preserved on Loomio and actions on the OSGeo todo issue tracker.


Current items

  1. roll call
  2. appoint meeting chair, meeting scribe/secretary
  3. Review and approve past minutes
  4. Executive positions
  5. OSGeo Standards Committee update [1]
  6. OSGeo security initiative
  7. OSGeo sponsorship prospectus
  8. JRC meeting feedback
  9. org.opengis name usage by GeoTools
  10. GeoStyler code sprint [2]
  11. GISTAM 2023
  12. Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) Secretariat at UN-Habitat request
  13. Local Chapter Brazil
  14. GISRUK 2023 request for support [3]
  15. Add your topic here


  • Presiding: Mike
  • Scribing: Angelos
  • Attending: Mike, Rajat, Ariel, Tom, Angelos, Marco, Vicky
  • Guests:

Review and approve past minutes

Executive positions

  • Postponed to next meeting

OSGeo Standards Committee update

OSGeo security initiative

  • similar model to code-sprints:
    • Require a CVE to participate.
    • Priority emergency funding.
    • Secondary preventative measures
  • Discussion on how this would work?
  • Do we need a group responsible to run this initiative?
  • Do we need a committee? A working group? Or does the Board address this on a case by case basis?
  • How much budget to assign to this initiative.
  • Move this to next meeting for further discussion

OSGeo sponsorship prospectus

  • Postponed to next meeting

JRC meeting feedback

  • FOSS4G 2023
  • JRC open source solutions: Re3gistry and ETF
    • OSGeoLive
    • other opportunities
  • open source in EO
    • JRC work on EuroGEO and links with the OSS4gEO project
  • Other events
    • OGC Member meeting, Frascati, 20-24 February
  • Support to the Interoperable Europe Act
    • ACTION (Angelos): provide resources and interviews with OSGeo board/community members
  • To be further discussed at the next board meeting.

org.opengis name usage by GeoTools

Postponed to next meeting

GeoStyler code sprint


  • Postponed to next meeting

Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) Secretariat at UN-Habitat request

  • Postponed to next meeting

Local Chapter Brazil

  • Discussed about the options for starting/updating a local chapter.

GISRUK 2023 request for support

New Meeting Schedule

  • Proposal: Last Tuesday every month, 1800 UTC



  • no log, Jitsi meeting

Next meeting