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The Code Of Conduct Committee is responsible for defining internal workflows and sharing organization knowledge related to the maintenance, implementation, and continued improvement of the OSGeo Code of Conduct ( background-wiki, Official OSGeo Code of Conduct) which was approved by the OSGeo Board in 2015. (For more on the committee scope, see below.)


The inaugural co-chairs (serving for a term of one year) will be Kristin Bott and Camille Acey. The committee will be open and maintain an open mailing list ( but will maintain a smaller voting committee (which can be contacted on their private mailing list at to handle CoC incidents and violations. This smaller committee will consist of a total of 5 members also serving one year terms. The additional 3 members will be appointed by the co-chairs.


Our mission is to assist in making sure that OSGeo continues to be an inclusive and welcoming organization, as such the committee will continue to iterate on the CoC, its implementation, and committee membership in order to ensure that they represent, nurture, and encourage diversity in our community.


  • The committee will be responsible for developing and receiving board approval for Code of Conduct implementation policy. Once approved, this policy and associated documentation will be circulated amongst the community.
  • In support of the OSGeo Code of Conduct, this committee will work with all community members, with a strong focus on those who moderate OSGeo IRC channels, organize OSGeo gatherings and events (including FOSS4G), as well as those who steer existing OSGeo projects and/or incubate potential new ones.
  • The committee will review and respond to incident reports from participants in OSGeo projects, gatherings, events, and IRC channels.
  • The committee will maintain the list of individuals restricted from OSGeo activities and retain a copy of all incident reports.
  • The committee will serve as a resource to Local Organizing Committees (LOC's) and other groups leading OSGeo activities and events.


The group maintains a public mailing list at and a private committee-only mailing list at Confidential and sensitive information will be discussed only on the private mailing list. The CoC Committee will have a monthly private meeting (in their venue of choice). The committee is available to hold public meetings upon request (e.g. in IRC).


Additional committee documents and resources can be found at CodeofConduct_Documents