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Digital Object Identifiers (DOI)


  • This wiki page summarises relevant facts about DOI for the OSGeo communities.
  • A DOI is a persistent identifier (PID).
  • More infomation about PID for OSGeo is available here in the wiki

Useful background information

Useful Services

DOI for OSGeo Projects

  1. Actinia:
  2. GDAL:
  3. Geopaparazzi:
  4. GeoServer:
  5. GeoTools:
  6. GMT:
  8. gvSIG:
  9. Hortonmachine:
  10. Mapbender:
  11. MapServer:
  12. MOSS:
  13. OSGeoLive:
  14. OSGeoLive Documentation:
  15. PostGIS:
  16. PROJ:
  17. QGIS:
  18. rasdaman:
  19. SMASH:

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Projects considering a DOI

  1. (GeoPython: pycsw)
  2. (NASA World Wind)

<Add your project here>

DOI for OSGeo Video Recordings