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This is a demonstration page showcasing the benefits of quoatable video excerpts ("video quotes") from OSGeo-related presentations. This page is still incomplete and under construction.

Why bother

A lot of communication within OSGeo happens during the annual conferences on national, regional or global levels. Many of the conference presentations are recorded as professional video streams. Currently the majority of these videos is distributed via Youtube or similar Web 2.0 channels. Quoting videos on Youtube et al. can only be done using URLs which will eventually break when the content is moved or renamed. It is not possible to quote a specific snippet from within a particular video in Youtube. So there is a lot of OSGeo content on Youtube, but bing watching is a prohibitive approach for most of us. "There should be a better way" (William Shatner Quote).

Video quotes based on persistent identifiers

The video quotes shown below are based on Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) instead of URLs. DOI are text strings just like a URL and can be handled by any webbrowser, as demonstrated here. While a DOI points to a specific video (as a scientific data set), Media Fragment Identifier tags (MFI) can be added to jump to a specific snippet of the overall video.

Background Info

Favorite Video-Quotes

Take-outs from the GRASS GIS Promotional Video (1987) by USA-CERL

Insights from FOSSGIS 2014 (Berlin)