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The procedure followed in 2007 is listed below. This process will most likely be used in 2008, and therefore allow invited workshops and lab sessions to become familiar with the process.

In addition to the conference evaluation form received by all conference attendees, each Workshop and Lab had an evaluation form. The completed evaluation forms were collected after each Workshop/Lab, and were then scanned to PDF documents (one PDF per Workshop/Lab). You can see an example of the evaluation form (33KB PDF).

The Workshop/Lab Evaluation Tabulation page explains the process used to tabulate questions 1 through 9 on the evaluation forms.

In the following table, Webpage is a link to the description for the Workshop/Lab. Evaluations is a link to the PDF containing the scans of the evaluations. Results is a 1-page PDF with the tabulation of the results of the evaluations.

In the Evaluations PDF documents, the pages are in the following order:

  • evaluations that contain a response to both questions 10 and 11
  • evaluations that contain a response to either question 10 or 11
  • evaluations that do not have a response to either question 10 or 11

FOSS4G2007 Workshop/Lab Evaluations
ID Title Webpage Evaluations Results
W-01 GIS for Web Developers W-01 page W-01 PDF W-01 totals
W-02 Shuffling Quantum GIS into the Open Source GIS Stack W-02 page W-02 PDF W-02 totals
W-03 Mapbender, Orchestrating the Geodata Concert W-03 page W-03 PDF W-03 totals
W-04 Introduction to PostGIS W-04 page W-04 PDF W-04 totals
W-05 MapServer OGC Web Services Workshop W-05 page W-05 PDF W-05 totals
W-06 On-the-Fly Spatial Analysis With PostGIS and Google Earth W-06 page W-06 PDF W-06 totals
W-07 Introduction to Geospatial Collaboration using GeoServer W-07 page W-07 PDF W-07 totals
W-08 Developing MapGuide Applications with PHP W-08 page W-08 PDF W-08 totals
W-09 Getting Started with MapServer W-09 page W-09 PDF W-09 totals
W-10 A Practical Introduction to Ka-Map W-10 page W-10 PDF W-10 totals
W-11 GRASS GIS and RDBMS W-11 page W-11 PDF W-11 totals
W-12 Web-based Routing: An Introduction to pgRouting with OpenLayers W-12 page W-12 PDF W-12 totals
TOTAL Total for all Workshops   478 Workshops Totals
L-01 Raster Processing and Preparation with GDAL L-01 page L-01 PDF L-01 totals
L-02 Practical Introduction to MapBuilder L-02 page L-02 PDF L-02 totals
L-03 Datums, Coordinate Systems, Map Projections & Datum Transformations L-03 page L-03 PDF L-03 totals
L-04 Rapid Visualization with the Virtual Terrain Project Software L-04 page L-04 PDF L-04 totals
L-05 Introduction to FDO and the FDO API L-05 page L-05 PDF L-05 totals
L-06 Practical Introduction to MapStorer L-06 page L-06 PDF L-06 totals
L-07 CartoWeb for Beginners L-07 page L-07 PDF L-07 totals
L-08 An Introduction to the uDig Open Source Desktop L-08 page L-08 PDF L-08 totals
L-09 Using the GeoNetwork open source Spatial Data Catalog L-09 page L-09 PDF L-09 totals
L-10 Defining and Using Custom Cartographic Symbols in MapGuide L-10 page L-10 PDF L-10 totals
L-11 Protecting OGC Web Services with the 52°North Security System L-11 page L-11 PDF L-11 totals
L-12 Introduction into OGC's Sensor Web Enablement L-12 page L-12 PDF L-12 totals
L-13 How to Cope with GeoSpatial – The Pragmatic Intro for the Java Developers L-13 page L-13 PDF L-13 totals
L-14 Leveraging PostgreSQL with ESRI's ArcGIS system L-14 page L-14 PDF L-14 totals
L-15 FME as a Two-Way Bridge between Proprietary Systems and Open Source Databases L-15 page L-15 PDF L-15 totals
L-16 Deegree iGeoSecurity – Access Control for OGC Web Services L-16 page L-16 PDF L-16 totals
TOTAL Total for all Labs   300 Labs Totals