FOSS4G2008 news and reports

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Please add links here to any coverage of FOSS4G 2008 you know about. Blogs, articles, photos, twitter sites, anything!

...and tag anything you post with 'FOSS4G2008'

Media partners

PositionIT was the only media partner to have a reporter at the conference. They published a page of photos in the Sept/Oct and Nov/Dec editions and published several articles in Nov/Dec:

GeoConnexion: Still waiting...

Directions Mag

Baliz-Media (Canadian French):


CR Schmidt post-mortem CR Schmidt September and October blogs with various FOSS4G items.

Felipe Costa (Portuguese)

Jody Garnett


Google Moderator questions posed in Closing Plenary

SAEON article(South African Environmental Observation Network)

University of Trento article by Clara Tattoni (Italian). See page 6.



On or Flickr search for 'FOSS4G2008'.


Slideshare's foss4g2008

Workshops and labs

OpenLayers workshop includes links to html and French versions