FOSS4G 2009 Meeting 2008-06-06 (Tour Hosts / OSGeo Contract review)

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  • Cameron Shorter
  • Bruce Bannerman
  • Dave Patton
  • Jeff McKenna
  • Inge Garofai (Tour Hosts, contracts)


  • Shoib

This meeting reviewed the Tour Hosts / OSGeo contract. Most decisions were incorporated into the contact and have not been noted in these notes.

Tour hosts have probably also taken minutes, which can be reference (TBD add link).

pg 4: We aim not to use volunteers as paid students are more cost effective (based on 2007 experience).

pg 4: Gross Revenue: Percentage from Tour Host, will be calculated on early bird rate for early bird booths. Complementary booths will be charged at the early bird rate.

Suggested minutes are copied to a wiki, then copied into an email.

Action: Tour Hosts Financial Manager to clarify GST questions from Dave.

 How does GST apply to an overseas company? Please use a concrete example.
 Note that OSGeo is a not-for-profit organisation.

Action: Jeff to determine whether there is sufficient bridging funding for 17 August and 17 Feb 2009.

Action: Tour Hosts to estimate early costs and provide to Jeff.

Action: Section 13.3 Inge to reword to ensure that OSGeo has a limit to contract.

Offices and Directors insurance for OSGeo representatives is not covered by this contract and should be covered by OSGeo.

Action: Section 18.4 Engagement of Staff: Dave to provide alternative wording.