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FOSS4G WMS Benchmark


The FOSS4G WMS Benchmark tests how long each Web mapping server takes to generate a map image, from a common set of spatial data, on a common platform. The data will be served by each Web mapping server through the WMS standard, which will serve exactly the same set of LAYERS. A JMeter load will be run on the testing box to measure various aspects of those layers.

FOSS4G Performance Shoot-out

Following a WMS server performance comparison between Mapserver and GeoServer at FOSS4G 2007 in Victoria, a performance shoot-out presentation at the yearly FOSS4G was institutionalized.

One of the most important 'rules of engagement' for each Web server team is that all parties must contribute any changes that they make to their software for this exercise, back to their community.

Running the FOSS4G WMS Benchmark

The FOSS4G is a useful test suite for your own WMS server installation. This section gives you step-by-step instructions for running the FOSS4G WMS benchmark on different platforms.

Ubuntu 9.10 "Karmic Koala"

Install scripts and data sets

Needed packages:

 sudo apt-get install subversion unzip
 sudo apt-get install jmeter jmeter-http jmeter-junit
 sudo ln -s /usr/share/jmeter/ /usr/share/jmeter/lib/junit

Get the test scripts and configuration files:

 svn checkout foss4g_benchmark

Some scripts need base path /opt/benchmarking

 sudo ln -s $(pwd)/foss4g_benchmark /opt/benchmarking

Download the test data sets:

 mkdir data
 cd data
 #Download data:

PostgreSQL 8.4

 sudo apt-get install postgresql-8.4 postgresql-8.4-postgis
 sudo su postgres
 psql -c "CREATE ROLE benchmark LOGIN PASSWORD 'benchmark'"

Optional: For local access via socket insert the following line in /etc/postgresql/8.4/main/pg_hba.conf:

 local   benchmark    benchmark                         trust
 createdb -E latin1 --owner benchmark benchmark
 createlang -d benchmark plpgsql
 psql -q -d benchmark -f /usr/share/postgresql/8.4/contrib/postgis.sql
 psql -q -d benchmark -f /usr/share/postgresql/8.4/contrib/spatial_ref_sys.sql
 psql -q -d benchmark -c "GRANT SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE ON TABLE public.geometry_columns TO benchmark;"
 psql -q -d benchmark -c "GRANT SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE ON TABLE public.spatial_ref_sys TO benchmark;"
 export PGUSER=benchmark
 export PGPASSWORD=benchmark
 shp2pgsql -I -D GNIS-2009/gnis_names09.shp gnis_names09 | psql -q -h localhost -d benchmark
 shp2pgsql -I -D TIGER-2008/48_TEXAS/areawater_merge.shp areawater_merge | psql -q -h localhost -d benchmark
 shp2pgsql -I -D TIGER-2008/48_TEXAS/edges_merge.shp edges_merge | psql -q -h localhost -d benchmark
 exit #back to regular user

UMN Mapserver

 sudo apt-get install mapserver-bin cgi-mapserver

Apache Fast-CGI:

 apt-get install libapache2-mod-fcgid
 ln -s mapserv /usr/lib/cgi-bin/mapserv.fcgi


 <IfModule fcgid_module>
     #fcgi settings (see
     DefaultMaxClassProcessCount 8
 /etc/init.d/apache2 reload

Installation checks

 cd foss4g_benchmark/scripts

Basic Mapserver installation check:

 shp2img -m ../mapserver/ -o /tmp/out.png

Mapserver/Shapefile CGI:

 LANG=en_US jmeter -t mapserver/vector/shp_areawater_merge.jmx

Setup connection settings

Set your connection parameters:

 PG_CONN="dbname=benchmark user=benchmark password=benchmark port=5432 host=localhost"

Replace connection settings in map files:

 sed --in-place -e "s/dbname=benchmark user=postgres password=postgres port=5432 host=$PG_CONN/" ../mapserver/

Replace WMS host name in JMeter configuration:

 FILES=$(find . -name '*.jmx')
 sed --in-place -e "s/$WMS_HOST/" $FILES

Set all jmeter configurations to Mapserver FCGI:

 FILES=$(find . -name '*.jmx')
 sed --in-place -e "s/mapserv560beta3/mapserv/" $FILES
 sed --in-place -e "s/mapserv560beta3.fcgi/mapserv.fcgi/" $FILES
 FILES=$(find . -name 'shp_*.jmx')
 sed --in-place -e "s!cgi-bin/mapserv<!cgi-bin/mapserv.fcgi<!" $FILES

Set LANG when running jmeter:

 sed --in-place -e 's!$JMETER_HOME/jmeter!LANG=en_US jmeter!' benchmark


 cd foss4g_benchmark/scripts

Mapserver/Shapefile FCGI:

 ./benchmark mapserver/vector/shp_areawater_merge.jmx

Mapserver/PostgreSQL FCGI:

 ./benchmark mapserver/vector/pg_fcgi_areawater_merge.jmx

Run all Mapserver tests:

 sh mapservconf | tee mapservconf.log
 grep -v "Generate" mapservconf.log | grep -v "Waiting"| grep -v "Starting" | grep -v "Created" | grep -v "Tidying" | grep -v "end of run" >mapservconf-summarized.log


Please edit the wiki for improvements and add instructions for your platform.

Benchmarking mailing list: