FOSS4G CEE 2013 Code Sprint

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Organizing Contacts

Code Sprint

The code sprint represent an opportunity for the open source communities to get together, make future plans for their software projects, write code and documentation. We are offering:

  • Modern designed, comfy rooms, with nice view of the Dâmbovița river;
  • Wireless Internet;
  • Pizza and beverages.


For map and more details see

Splaiul Independentei Street No. 319, RIVER Place, RIVERVIEW House, 8th floor, District 6, 060044 Bucharest, Romania

  • Rooms: to be added

Motivation and Direction

A day, a code base, and your imagination?

Projects can use the time and venue for organizational discussions, development roadmaps, and group resolution of thorny issues in their code bases.

Is this your First Sprint? Here is some background information to get you started:

Summary of Workgroups

List of Workgroups here, more info follows...

  • please free to edit....


To participate, start a section below for your project.

Project Name


  • Coordinator name


  • Person 1
  • Person 2


  • Add goals.





  • Continue with PyWPS-4 development
  • Discuss PyWPS-4 architecture