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Logo Design

The FOSS4G Europe Local Organizing Committee is pleased to announce a call for logo designs. We need your help to build a strong recognizable logo for FOSS4G Europe 2018.

FOSS4G is the acronym for Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial. It is the annual recurring global event hosted by OSGeo since it's inception in 2006. FOSS4G-Europe aims to bring together a wide range of profiles from companies, research institutes and public organizations, who develop or/and use Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial. Although the event is aimed at the FOSS4G community in Europe, we welcome people from all over the world. This year, the event will take place in the Portuguese town of Guimarães, not far from the Spanish border.


Guimarães has a significant historical role and it is often referred to as the "birthplace of the Portuguese nationality". Its medieval historical is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001. Despite its strong past, Guimarães city is also looking into the future and it has been involved in initiatives in the field of Smart Cities. Although small, it is often referred as very "liveable" city.

The conference committee is looking for a visual identity which can capture the strong character of the city, a unique blend of historic and modern. If you think you can design a creative, attractive, innovative and professional logo, we welcome your proposal.

How to enter

  • Create your logo in PNG file format and a scalable file format (either SVG or PDF).
    • If you're not used to scalable formats please still enter the competition as we can try to help.
  • Everyone is eligible to enter this contest
  • Send your design to the LOC via email: foss4g-europe AT osgeopt DOT pt

The submission deadline is on the 2nd of March, and we will announce the winner on the 4th of March. By submitting a logo you will be assigning your copyright to OSGeo so that it can be used across different mediums. The organising committee may also commission improvements of the winning work.

Contest Flyer

Download the flyer PDF: Logo Design Contest Foss4gEurope2018 pdf


Mandatory Requirements

  • Include elements of the OSGeo / FOSS4G "ribbon" as can be seen in all previous conference logos OSGeo-Ribbon.jpg File:FOSS4G ribbon.pdf
  • Include themes for FOSS4G Europe 2018.
  • Use colours, but be easily printable on t-shirts with as few colours as possible. This keeps the cost of printing down.
  • Be delivered in PNG file format and a scalable format (SVG or PDF).
  • Be delivered in high resolution.
  • Not be similar to other mapping conference logos (Where 2.0, ESRI, SOTM...).
  • Not communicate the brand of potential sponsors or related companies.
  • Not include copyrighted material that is not yours.

Optional Requirements

  • Different sizes (example: a main logo and a variant for use on small print media such as badges).
  • Alternative greyscale version.

What the design *should* communicate

  • Openness
  • A sense of community
  • The potential of free and open source geospatial tools
  • Knowledge exchange
  • Business Friendly
  • Cross borders
  • Identity of the location

What the design should *not* communicate

  • Corporate / big business (as the sole element)
  • Complexity
  • Expensive
  • For geeks only
  • Too techy
  • Too academic
  • Closed community


Received designs
Submission Number Logo
1. Marijke Molema
2. Joana Veríssimo
3. Laura Olivas
(Winning Logo)
FOSS4G Europe 2018 - LOGO

Selection Committee