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Style guide

A style guide contains all design elements that can be used in web, print etcetera. It helps to create a consistent, directly recognizable style for an organization, or for an event, such as FOSS4G-2016

Store in SVN

All logo's, banners etc are stored in SVN: Ask Jeff McKenna if you need write access to the SVN


A style guide contains these elements:

Pay-off / descriptor / slogan

  • Example: "Just do it", used by Nike. And "I Amsterdam", used by the municipality of Amsterdam
  • Postcard greeting: "Welcome to Germany!" (In case anyone wonders "Where is Bonn?")

Color guide

  • A set of primary and possibly secondary colors.
  • To be described in PMS, RGB and CMYK

Logo colors in RGB

Color Code
black #2c3e50
dark gray #7f8c8d
light gray #b0c2c2
green #49a942
blue #2980b9

Logo colors in CMYK

Color C M Y K
black 45 23 0 69
dark gray 10 1 0 41
light gray 9 0 0 24
green 57 0 61 34
blue 78 31 0 27


  • Logo font: Dicot Bold ("FOSS4G"), Dicot Medium ("BONN 2016")
  • Postcard handwriting: Pecita Expanded ("Welcome to Germany")
  • Additional fonts: OpenSans (various side texts)

Graphic elements

  • Such as horizontal or vertical lines


  • Photos by the city of Bonn: [1]


  • In advance (starting: now!)
    • Website
    • Twitter account profile page
    • Flyers
    • Postcards
    • Viral invitations "meet me in Bonn"
    • Ads (in magazines)
  • During the event
    • Roll-up banners
    • Flags
    • Stationary
    • Congress-App
    • Small flags (to be used on tables)
    • Signage
    • Goodie-bag
    • T-shirts / neckties
    • Mugs
    • USB sticks / DVD (OSGeo-Live 2016 edition)
    • Presentation slides
    • Promotion videos
    • Fade-ins & fade-outs of presentation videos
    • Booth