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GeoServer had good success with GeoServer Budget 2022 with a combination of OSGeo budget allocation and incoming Sponsorship (GitHub, PayPal, Direct). As a result we accomplished one of our key objectives identified in the budget (Updating to Log4J2.)

We also encountered several security issues which were expensive in both time and money - resulting in a separate recommendation of an "OSGeo Security Initiative".

GeoServer 2023 Budget

GeoServer 2023 Budget:

1. $1000 Available funds

  • $500 USD Sponsorship from FOSS4GNA event (thanks!)
  • TBD Remaining sponsorship funds from 2022 (have to ask treasurer)

2. $5500 Funding requested from OSGeo Board

  • $500 operational budget (we finally completed migration from boundless infrastructure)
  • $5000 participation issue#142 refactor to Remove OpenGIS

3. $5500 GeoServer Sponsorship and Donations targets

  • $500 GitHub Sponsorship Donations (via OSGeo organization)
  • $0 PayPal Donations (overhead not recommend)
  • $5000 Sponsorship

org.opengis package refactor

Please see for scope of work.

This is a disruptive change request from the Apache Foundation for the GeoTools ecosystem requiring participation from affected projects including GeoServer.

2023 OSGeo Budget Request

The GeoServer PSC requests a 2022 budget of $5500.

This is intended to cover:

  • $500: Operational budget to assist any team activities
  • $5000: Refactor org.opengis package use (cross project activity)

The steering committee is looking to raise funds against key technical challenges:

  • Security Issues: we wish to have budget on hand in event it is needed (starting from existing funds).

Code sprint:

  • If we have an opportunity to setup code sprint to coordinate org.opengis package refactor we will attend

2023 GeoServer Sponsorship Opportunities

GeoServer would like to thank sponsors for continued Sponsorship and Donations. Sponsorship opportunities for 2023 include:

  • Security Issues
We have a clear security policy which results in a number of security vulnerabilities being reported to interested parties each year. With your support we would like have resources in place to respond in a timely fashion to these requests. We may also be able to take advantage of our 2022 experience tracking security vulnerabilities with CVE numbers (for greater transparency when fixes are available).
  • Spring 6 Upgrade
  • OGCAPI-Features

The Open Source GeoSpatial Foundation recognizes and celebrates your financial support of the GeoServer project. Please see the OSGeo how to sponsor page for recognition and incentive programs. We invite returning sponsors to take advantage of sponsorship renewal incentive options for increased recognition.