GeoServer Budget 2022

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GeoServer 2022 Allocation

  • $3000 Funding requested from OSGeo Board
  • GeoServer Sponsorship and Donations
    • $1000 GitHub Sponsorship Donations (via OSGeo organization)
    • $0 PayPal Donations
    • $5000 Sponsorship

We will look to hire one or more supporting companies or individuals to address maintenance/technical debt, for example move from Log4J v1 to v2, update servlet version, other dependency upgrades if time allows. We will actively look to people who contacted us during the Log4J crisis to contribute to this work.

Log4j Upgrade or Replace

The log4j upgrade or repalce activity has attracted considerable public interest and sponsorship.

2022 OSGeo Budget Request

The GeoServer PSC requests a 2022 budget of $3000.

This is intended to cover:

  • $1000: Operational budget to assist any team activities
  • $2000: Migrate documentation from Boundless S3 to osgeo hosting

The steering committee is looking to raise funds against key technical challenges:

Code sprint:

  • If we have an opportunity to set up a sprint we will do so with an appropriate request to the board as part of their code sprint program.