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This is a project started by the [[Public Geospatial Data Committee]]
#REDIRECT [[Geodata Licensing]]
The right to reuse and redistribute publically accessible bodies of data needs to be clear. This group can help provide guidelines for public geodata licensing, both of community-contributed and state-collected bodies of data.
== Focus ==
* Provision of clear guidelines for licenses, and the implications of their uses, for people contributing data to geospatial web / GSDI efforts.
* Potential work on a draft LPGL license to complement the draft [http://cemml.carleton.ca:8080/OGUG/pgl/ PGL].
== Participants ==
* [[User:JoWalsh|Jo Walsh]]
* [[User:SchuylerErle|Schuyler Erle]]
* [[User:Pnaciona|Perry Nacionales]] (Jo and Schuyler need company :)
* [[User:dF|Daniel FAIVRE]]
* ''your name here''
== Existing and related projects ==
* [http://geodatacommons.umaine.edu/ Geodata Commons]
* [http://www.okfn.org/wiki/OpenKnowledgeDefinition Open Knowledge Definition] survey of open license stances, a superset of this effort.
== Geodata Licenses ==
=== Public Geodata Licence ===
* original [http://sig.cwriter.org/index.php/PGL Public Geodata License] (French/English)
* [http://cemml.carleton.ca:8080/OGUG/pgl Group PGL-Canada]
=== Canadian Unrestricted Use Licence ===
* [http://www.geobase.ca/geobase/en/licence.jsp Geobase Unrestricted Use Licence Agreement] - BSD style license
* [http://www.cits.rncan.gc.ca/cit/servlet/CIT/site_id=01&page_id=1-021-001-007.html same license at Natural Resources Canada]
=== Creative Commons ===
* [http://creativecommons.org/ Creative Commons] is not a data-specific license, but Open
== References ==
* [http://cemml.carleton.ca:8080/OGUG/pgl/ Public Geodata License] - [http://sig.cwriter.org/index.php/PGL French version, and cooperative website for license writing]
* [http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Legal_FAQ OpenStreetmap Legal FAQ]
* [http://www.spatial.maine.edu/geodatacommons/PubCommonsSNGL.pdf Public Commons of Geographic Data - Research and Development Challenges (PDF)] - discusses IP issues
* [http://fermat.nap.edu/catalog/11079.html Licensing Geographic Data and Services] - book with some sample PDFs - cf [http://www.nap.edu/books/0309092671/html/213.htm Section 3, Chapter 9]
== See Also ==
* [[Geodata Packaging Working Group]]
* [[Geodata Discovery Working Group]]

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