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Comparison Table

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This table is aimed at helping to decide which service to install on OSGeo machines to provide hosting for OSGeo projects.

The priority of each parameter is not currently defined.

Feature Gogs GitLab-CE Trac Kallithea
deployed in staging YES NO YES (in use) NO
open dev. model YES MOSTLY (2)
LDAP groups sync NO
autonomous creation of repositories YES YES NO YES
autonomous creation of organizations YES NO YES
organization management YES (poor) YES NO YES
private repositories YES (no filesystem permission handling) YES YES
external issue tracker YES (example) YES NO MIN
internal issue tracker YES YES YES NO
tool to migrate from trac NO YES n/a tbd
tool to migrate from github YES
external wiki YES tbd
internal wiki YES (edit permissions match code repo ones) YES (1) YES NO
comment issues via mail NO YES YES YES
PostgreSQL backend YES YES YES YES
Multilanguage 15 languages YES YES
Comments on diff lines NO YES YES (via plugins) tbd
Pull requests YES YES NO (?) YES
Webhooks YES YES tbd
Edit GIT hooks YES YES
CI external (like drone) integrated YES (plugin) YES
tracking of forks YES (example) YES NO YES
  • (1) : GitLab wiki permissions match repo ones. GitLab wikis can be accessed through a git repo.
  • (2) : GitLab's development process is subject to discussion and subjective opinions. Be careful when stating a definite answer to this question. You can read here and also here and there with your trollometer on.

Other Comparisons

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