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Welcome to OSGeo!

GRASS GIS software, viewing a map layer in 3D
FOSS4G (OSGeo's annual conference) boat cruise, August 2016, Bonn, Germany
GRASS GIS team at the FOSS4G-Europe code sprint, July 2017 in Paris, France
gvSIG-Mobile code sprint team, February 2017 in Valencia, Spain
MapServer code sprint team at FOSS4G-Boston, August 2017 in Boston, U.S.
pgRouting and QGIS team members at FOSS4G-Seoul, September 2015 in Seoul, South Korea
OSGeoLive code sprint at FOSS4G-Bonn, August 2016 in Bonn, Germany
Sri Lanka local chapter meeting, on 2017-11-15

We are a fun vibrant community that believes in sharing Open Source software related to making maps.

How to ask general questions about the Code-in

Send an Email of questions to OSGeo

  • subscribe to OSGeo's "gci-discuss" mailing list here
  • ask your question, and usually within a day someone from the OSGeo Code-in team (mentors or administrators) will reply
  • all OSGeo mentors for the Code-in contest follow this "gci-discuss" mailing list

Ask on the #osgeo-gci IRC chat channel

  • IRC-channel: #osgeo-gci channel on
    • how to connect: choose your favorite IRC client, or go directly through your web browser with webchat
    • enter a nickname and click "I am not a robot" and press "Connect"
    • upon entering, ask your questions as you wish (no need to wait, just say "hello, I have a question about the Code-In, how do I..."

Get to know the OSGeo Community

The OSGeo foundation ( ) was founded in the year 2006 and contains many different types of Open Source software projects to help make geographical maps.

The OSGeo foundation also holds a super-fun conference each year, all over the world, named FOSS4G ( ) for Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial.

  • Follow OSGeo on Twitter: @OSGeo
  • Follow FOSS4G on Twitter: @foss4g

Why OSGeo?

  1. the global geospatial (mapping) industry is huge now (400 Billion USD revenue industry, as of September 2017, read report)
  2. learn skills useful to get jobs in the mapping industry (Open Source is rarely taught at school, yet it is in huge demand by employers around the world)
  3. OSGeo community members are fun, vibrant, and willing to help!
  4. we have local chapters (local groups getting together or discussing on their own mailing lists in many languages) all over the world! (see list)

Coding Languages

OSGeo projects use a variety of coding languages, including:

  • C
  • C++
  • Java
  • Python
  • JavaScript

OSGeo Projects & Initiatives Involved in the Code-In

Searching for a Project's Mailing list Archives

A good trick to search an OSGeo project's mailing list for help, if you are stuck on a coding problem, is to use OSGeo's Nabble Forum: