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=== Mentors ===
=== Mentors ===
* add your name here
* [[User:Iamrohith94|Rohith Reddy]]
== Proposed tools ==
== Proposed tools ==

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Google Summer of Code 2017 Mentor Summit

During FOSS4G-Europe in Paris we had a BoF [1], during which we talked about mentor summit. More info from Google here: https://developers.google.com/open-source/gsoc/2017/mentor-oa-announcements. This is a wiki page about the discussion on who should be OSGeo delegates to participate in the edition 2017. The juice of what was discussed in the BoF is that:

  • Of the 2 OSGeo delegates, one should be an admin, the other a mentor, unless no admins or no mentors apply to go, in which case, it'll be 2 admins or 2 mentors
  • Eligibility:
 - to comply with google requirements (being a mentor or an admin the current year); 
 - for  mentors : to be part of an osgeo project, at least as an osgeo community project, as it would be a delegate of OSGeo.
  • The call is open to hear who is interested to go. Whoever respond, must COMMIT to go, otherwise will take away the opportunity from someone else. Deadline for expression of interest is end of July. Please appoint your names in this page.
  • Selection: we agreed that we must make a (fully transparent, open) lottery. We need to find a tool that allows this. Deadline for tools proposal is by the end of July. Time is short and people need to make paperwork for VISA. Please make your proposal in this page.
  • Other requirements: the delegates are requested to make a report after the summit.


Signing below, you commit to go to the summit in the event of a positive outcome in the lottery


  • add your name here


Proposed tools

  • Add here your proposed tool for lottery