GvSIG GSoC 2020 Ideas

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Use this page to jot down and develop any good idea for the 2020 program with gvSIG project. Please, use the gvSIG mailing lists for discussion and check 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 ideas pages for examples or reference.

New rules for the Topology Framework in gvSIG Desktop

  • Product: gvSIG Desktop
  • Mentors: Óscar Martínez, Carlos I. Colombana
  • Description: A topology toolbox has been added to gvSIG Desktop. This tool provides a group of integrity rules that check the validation of the geometries relationship in the data. A new topology data model can be created for each project. This toolbox provide a set of tools to navigate, find and fix validation errors different from each topology rule. There is a set of topology rules implemented, most of them at GSoC 2019. This project will analize, implement and optimize a new set of rules that will be incorporated to this framework. This tools can be created in Java or in Jython through the Scripting composer tool.
  • Expected results: A new set of topology rules with its accions to fix the layers
  • Skills: Python, Jython, Java
  • Skill Level: Medium
  • Test to validate skills:
    • Create a script that explores all the features in a polygon layer and return a sumatory of all of the areas together.
    • Add functionality to the previous script: create a new layer with the polygons that are bigger than a given value.
    • Add functionality to the previous script: Implement this script in the geoprocess framework.

3D Map integration in gvSIG Desktop

  • Product: gvSIG Desktop
  • Mentors: Joaquín del Cerro, Óscar Martínez
  • Description: Integration of gvSIG Desktop with a new 3D Animation Motor named JMonkey. This project will create the first steps to the integratión between the layers in gvSIG with JMonkey to be able to show points, lines and polygons in the 3D representation.
  • Expected results: A new plugin with the 3D integration with the basic functionalities.
  • Skills: Java
  • Skill Level: High
  • Test to validate skills:
    • Be able to compile gvSIG Desktop from zero.
    • Be able to compile 3d plugin to see the first steps of the plugin.
    • Be able to add some points, lines or polygons just by code in the 3D representation.
    • Be able to modify the representation.