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Quick Start

Welcome to the wonderful world of wiki, the benifit is that you can edit the page (and fix my spelling mistakes).

Here is a brutal quickstart because I am sick of clicking on the links below:

== Heading ==

You can type things pretty much as you would expect and the
paragraph will flow from line to line. Leaving a blank line
will start a new papgraph.

When typing you can ''emphasze text'', to '''make a point''',
but that stops being '''''fun''''' after a while.

=== Sub Heading ===

One of the fun parts of a wiki is linking:
* [[Page]] link
** Same thing as [[Page]]s and [[page]]
* [[Page#Sub Heading]] same as [[Page#Sub Heading 1=
** You could also link to [[Page#Sub Heading 2]]
* [[Page|a sample page]] also works

To link to the wider wilder web:
* [ uDig]
* [] <!-- shows up as [1] -->

:You can create a link to a page that does not exist yet

; page link : can be clicked to jump to a page
; external link
: will take you to another web page

=== Sub Heading ===

Hacking with html is mostly allowed - here is a code example:
<code>x = x + 1;</code> although you probably want to break
out a pre tag for examples of more then one line.

   int x = 1;
   return x--; // does this return 0 or 1?

Commonly useful tags are: tt, code, b, sup

=== Sub Heading ===

In general:
# edit stuff, we need your input
## create an account
## hit the edit links
# Provide corrections:
#* If you are sure
#* If not add your opionion as well,<br>
   (and sort it out on the talk page)

If you sign your work other will no who to talk to,<br>
~~~~ (ie Jody Garnett and Date)

That should be enough to cause some damage. Jive 11:03, 31 March 2006 (CEST)

Advanced Wiki Mojo (Images and Tables)

First of all show me a picture:

Internal Image: [[Image:gnu-fdl.png|alternate text]]
Framed Image: [[Image:gnu-fdl.png|frame|alternate text]]

I am not sure yet how you can upload images or link to external images - follow the links and report back:

And now for tables:

| cell 1 || cell 2 
| cell 3
| cell 4

You can get a bit more complicated:

{| border=1 cellspacing=0 bgcolor=green style="width:75%"
|+ caption
! header 1
! header 2
| data1
| style="background:blue; color=yellow" | data2

For extra mojo:

External Documentation

General Editing


Converting MS-Excel tables to Mediawiki