How to create new OSGeo BuildBot instance

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See Buildbot for more information.


NOTE: This is a very first draft of the How-To Create BuildBot Instance


First, it's very important to read the BuildBot Configuration document.

Create BuildBot instance step-by-step

Login on the server

ssh buildbot@xblade14-2


See OSGEOBUILDHOME to learn what's this location and environment variable used for.


Creating directory for project

New BuildBot instance directory for project, lowercase name:

$ mkdir <projectname>

Assign new project id

Check Buildmaster ports to learn what is this project identifier used for.

Project id is a solid number 0 to 99 which identifies OGeo BuildBot instance for particular project and is used to calculate new TCP port numbers.

$ cd ${OSGEOBUILDHOME}/<projectname>
$ echo ## > ID

where ##' is project solid id.

Create directory for buildmaster

$ mkdir buildmaster

Create directory for buildslave

$ mkdir buildslave

Create buildmaster

Run buildbot to create new buildmaster:

$ buildbot create-master ${OSGEOBUILDHOME}/<projectname>/buildmaster

Create buildslave

$ buildbot create-slave ${OSGEOBUILDHOME}/<projectname>/buildslave MASTERHOST:PORT SLAVENAME PASSWORD

PORT: 15XX where XX is subsequent number of BuildBot instance (between 0-99) SLAVENAME: osgeo-<projectname> PASSWORD: <new password>

Configure BuildBot instance

Edit master.cfg


  • Start
$OSGEOBUILDHOME/ <projectname>
  • Stop
$OSGEOBUILDHOME/ <projectname>

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