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OSgeo and gvSIG project will be presented at International Geodetic Students Meeting (IGSM2008) in Valencia, Spain.

This article presents the abstracts of the lectures and will point to the slides that will be created soon. Comments are welcomed.

5th, May 2008
Universitat Politècnica de València, Valencia, Spain
Jorge Sanz

OSGeo lecture: A not so short introduction to OSGeo

The Open Source for Geospatial Foundation is a community of communities. It gathers some of the most prominent FOSS4G projects and offers a common place to advocate about Free Software trying to offer a reliable common brand for their projects. From web mapping projects to libraries through metadata handling and non specific development projects like the Education and Public Geodata committees, OSGeo welcomes everyone who wants to find a common place to discuss and get in touch with the smartest developers and free software technicians of the world. On this lecture the Foundation will be presented: how it works, how can an individual (not only developers, teachers, public government and business managers, etc are welcomed) participate in it and meet and do really valuable networking working together to promote FOSS4G.

Slides (OpenOffice Impress format)

gvSIG lecture: gvSIG, a real tool for geographic information systems technicians

gvSIG is a free software effort from the Valencian public government to provide the best tool not only for novices but also for power users. gvSIG provides tools for analysts and cartographers to fetch data, work with it doing many different analysis and finally producing maps and other outputs for their everyday workflows. With the arrival of INSPIRE and other SDI initiatives, gvSIG is positioned as one of the best desktop tools to deal with remote catalogs and geodata repositories. This lecture will introduce you in the roots of gvSIG project as well as the persent and near-future features not only of the software but also of the entire project.

Slides (OpenOffice Impress format)