Implement 3D scene visualization support using Potree and integrate with MapMint.

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In this project, I plan to add a 3D scene Visualisation support and integrate it with MapMint. It will allow the user to visualize not only the georeferenced image but also the corresponding 3D scene. I will be using Potree, a free, open-source WebGL-based point cloud renderer for large point clouds. MapMint is an internet-based Geographic Information System(GIS), designed to facilitate the deployment of Spatial Data Infrastructure(SDI). In an SDI, geographic data, metadata, tools, and the users are connected interactively in a framework to use the spatial information efficiently and flexibly.

The MapMint is built on top of the ZOO-Project. The ZOO-Project is an SDI manager that gives the users the capability to build their own map and web applications.

Project proposal

My proposal for GSoC 2021 can be found at Proposal.

Advantages from this project

With the 3D scene visualization, viewing data in three dimensions gives users new perspectives. 3D viewing can provide insights that would not be readily possible from the same data's georeferenced map. For example, instead of inferring a valley's presence from the configuration of contour lines, users can see the valley and perceive the difference in height between the valley floor and a ridge.

Link to Github repository: Repository


17th May - 7th June

Community bonding period:

  1. What I have done and currently doing during this period?
  • I have Introduced myself over the channel and shared my proposal over the mailing list for suggestions.
  • Communicating with mentors and learned about community, working, etc. It is a great experience talking with experts in the domain.
  • Created a wiki page for the project "Implement 3D scene visualization support using Potree and integrate with MapMint."
  • Forked the repository of MapMint Forked Repo
  • Updated wiki User page and added my personal information User Page
  • Updated links on the wiki Google_Summer_of_Code_2021_Accepted page GSOC_2021 Page
  • Joined MapMint Slack Workspace created by mentors, which we will be used as a mode of communication over the GSoC 2021 period.
  • Setting up Developing Environment for MapMint on my personal system.
  • Potree Environment successfully created on my personal system.
  • Currently understanding the codebase.

Week 1 - 4 (7th July - 10th July)

Coding Phase 1:

Student's Biography

My name is Aniket Deepak Giri. I am a Computer Science graduate, pursuing my Master's degree in Geoinformatics and Natural Resources Engineering under Centre of Studies in Resources Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India. Some more information about me can be obtained by following the link: [User]