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Gérald Fenoy

Gérald Fenoy.jpg

Founder and CEO of GeoLabs SARL.

Location: Lattes, France.

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  • OSGeo Board member from 2013-2015
  • ZOO-Project Developper and PSC Chair,
  • Creator of the original french web site for PostGIS,
  • Provide training, use and develop (WEB-)GIS applications based on OSGeo Libraries / Applications,
  • Active in the OSGeo Senegal Local chapter,
  • Provide Gentoo packaging and patches for proj, geos, postgis, pgRouting, mapserver and gpsbabel,
  • Active at all FOSS4G international events since 2006.
Phone: +33670082539
Skype: gfenoy
Mail: gerald DOT fenoy AT geolabs DOT fr
IRC: djay
OSGeo Member
Name: Gérald Fenoy
Job Title: CEO
Company: GeoLabs
Address: 1280 Avenue des platanes, 34970 Lattes, France
City: Lattes
Country: France
Local Chapter: [[|{{{LocalChapter}}}]]
Phone: +33670082539
Instant Messaging: Skype: gfenoy / IRC: djay
Personal Description :
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