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Document Status

Version: 3.0alpah1

Status: draft

Last Edited: November 2014


The purpose of this questionnaire is to gather information about projects wishing to be hosted at OSGeo shall answer. This information is used by the Incubation Committee (InCom) to determine whether or not a project should be recommended to the Board of Directors for incubation.

Prospective projects are encouraged to review the OSGeo Project Graduation Checklist in order to understand the motivation behind these questions.


  1. Please describe your Project.
    • What is its name?
    • What is the home page URL?
    • What does the application do and how does it add value to the GeoSpatial stack of software?
    • Does the application make use of OGC standards? Which standards? You may wish to add comments about how standards are used.
    • What language(s) are used in this project? (C/Java/perl/etc)
    • What is the dominant written language (i.e. English, French, Spanish, German, etc) of the core developers?
    • What type of application does this project represent(client, server, standalone, library, etc.)
    • Please provide the name and email address of the principal Project Owner. Ref: Project_Graduation_Checklist#board.1
  2. Do you anticipate your project will encounter issues addressing the criteria of the Project_Graduation_Checklist? Please explain what areas need to be addressed in order to meet this criteria.
    • Please provide the names and emails of co-project owners (if any).
    • Please provide the names, emails and entity affiliation of all official committers. Ref: Project_Graduation_Checklist#open.2b
  3. Why is OSGeo Incubation good for your project?
  4. Please describe any relationships to other open source projects. Ref: Project_Graduation_Checklist#Projects
  5. Please describe any relationships with commercial companies or products. Ref: Project_Graduation_Checklist#open.2b
  6. Please explain how your project will use an open governance policy, ensuring decisions are made, documented and adhered to in a public manner. Ref: Project_Graduation_Checklist#processes.2a
  7. Which open source license(s) will the source code be released under? Ref: Project_Graduation_Checklist#open.1a
  8. Please describe the maturity and history of your project. For instance,
    • How long has your project been producing stable releases?
    • What is the origin of your project (commercial, experimental, thesis or other higher education, government, or some other source)?
    • How many people actively contribute (code, documentation, other?) to the project at this time? Ref: Project_Graduation_Checklist#open.2b
    • How many people have commit access to the source code repository? Ref: Project_Graduation_Checklist#open.2b
    • Approximately how many users are currently using this project?
    • What type of users does your project attract (government, commercial, hobby, academic research, etc. )?
  9. Do you wish to host any portion of this project using the OSGeo infrastructure? If so, what? Ref: Project_Graduation_Checklist#SAC
  10. Does the project support open standards? Which ones and to what extent? (OGC, w3c, etc.) Has the software been certified to any standard (CITE for example)? If not, is it the intention of the project owners to seek certification at some point? Ref: Project_Graduation_Checklist#projects.2
  11. Is the code free of patents, trademarks, and do you control the copyright? Ref: Project_Graduation_Checklist#Project_Graduation_Checklist#Copyright_and_License
  12. Does the project include an automated build and test? Ref: Project_Graduation_Checklist#release.2
  13. What is the (estimated) size of a full release of this project? How many users do you expect to download the project when it is released?
  14. Do you already have an OSGeo Mentor to guide you through the incubation process?