Italiano Chapter Report 2008

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Italian Chapter

  • Contact name: Massimo di Stefano

Key Accomplishments

  • substantial grassroots activities (with 20 events in one year, mostly in Northern and Central Italy)
  • First edition of the GFOSS day held in Pontedera in November (130 participants).

This event does not replace the traditional GRASS/GFOSS meeting, typically held in the first months of the year with a focus on research & development and a strong participation of the academic community.

  • media coverage, with presence in radio and magazines
  • increase in registered members
  • formal action (ISTAT), with the support of ASSOLI
  • ECDL GIS: preparation of a test for GIS certification, based on QGIS
  • substantial support to the OpenStreetMap project in the first part of 2008 (January-July)
  • liaison to other organizations and institutions (OpenStreetMap, Italian PostgreSQL user group)
  • election of new board (February), after

Areas for Improvement

  • any weaknesses in process, software, management, etc. that you plan to address or recognise need some help
  • OSGEO liaison can be further consolidated (new liaison officer appointed in Feb 2009)
  • some administrative issues still to be cleared

Opportunities to Help

  • list areas that could use some help from members and readers of the report

Outlook for 2009

  • Hackmeetings are in the process of being planned. We expect to hold one or two events during 2009.
  • Second edition of the GFOSS day to be held in Bolzano, 11 Nov 2009
  • Interest in providing additional momentum in Italy, and in connection with other European chapters, towards FOSS4G 2010