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The Java tribe has a real challenge for 2018 - updating our open source projects for the Java roadmap.


1. Java has a roadmap?

Yes, we had a previous sprint focused on Java 8 compatibility, several features had changed breaking compatibility.

More importantly the Java roadmap is changing to a six-month release cycle, with both Oracle and OpenJDK providers offering long-term support packages to paying customers. This six month release cycle is already well underway having started with Java 9 last year.

2. Why is updating our open source projects for the Java roadmap a challenge?

- Java 9 changed the service provider interface plugin system used by GeoTools, forcing the project to write its own replacement.

- Java 9 introduced the module system "jigsaw" (introduced for Java 9) prevents two jars from using the same package. This breaks the GeoTools library which as gt-api defining interfaces, and gt-main providing implementations. Projects like GeoServer need to review of over hundred open source dependencies to determine what other libraries are broken, and if an update or replacement can be found.

- Jigsaw also locks down aspects of Java reflection, affecting projects like Spring that make heavy use of reflection to "auto wire" GeoServer together. Spring 5 has been released and upgrading to this release will be a key focus.

- The java runtime has been broken up into modules, not all of which are activated by default. We need to review what sections of the JRE we require and ensure they are turned on.

- The java web service framework (responsible for concepts like Servlet and Session) is being removed from Oracle oversight and has been setup as [Jakarta EE Software](

3. Do you have any experience running sprints?

The GeoServer team really benefited from java 2017 code sprint and is eager to repeat the success.

4. What is the plan?

With such a large task plans are well underway:

With some steps already completed:


We are looking at setting up a distributed sprint with locations in North America, Europe and Oceania.




We would like to thank our sponsors - would you like to be the first?

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Please add your name and the projects you are planning to sprint and note the likehood of your attendance.

# Participant Country Organization Arrival Departure Project Work on Notes Attendance


Contributions will be put towards travel costs for overseas sprinters who would be otherwise unable to attend. Any surplus at the end of the event will be turned over to OSGeo or used for a future code sprint. We have set-up the sprint to minimize travel and accommodation costs.

Sponsors will receive the following benefits / honours:

  • Your logo at the top of this page
  • Mention in all of our public communication, including GeoServer 2.15 release announcement
  • Our gratitude :)

This event provides the following sponsorship levels:

Gold $5000 USD
Silver $1000 USD
Bronze $500 USD
In-Kind In-kind support graciously accepted

This is an official OSGeo event, your contribution counts towards being recognized as an OSGeo Sponsors.

For more information on sponsorship, please contact Jody Garnett, Andrea Aime.

How to Sponsor

  1. Contact OSGeo Treasurer for details on using PayPal or to request an invoice:
  2. The OSGeo Treasurer will contact both you and the event organizers to acknowledge your sponsorship
    • Please have a logo ready for your organization if you wish to be acknowledged publicly
    • Your event sponsorship, at your request, can contribute towards being recognized as an OSGeo Foundation sponsor

Sponsorship Outreach

We are reaching out to organizations to see if there is interest in sponsorship:

  • International organizations (OSGeo, GeoSolutions, Boundless);
  • Local organizations

If there is a lot of local sponsorship we expect to drag the developers away from the task at hand and meet the local community (at a social evening or similar).

OSGeo Funding Request

The following information is requested by OSGeo Board Code_Sprint_Guidelines, we provided an indication that we would be planning a sprint during the 2018 budget process.