Marketing Meeting 2018-10-29

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Meeting Details

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This meeting was is the second monthly marketing meeting. It was setup in the September meeting.

Please visit the Marketing Meetings page for more information on past meetings.

Old Business

2018 Goals

Discussion lead by Astrid Emde

Expenses 2018

Total $ 8,579.55 (Budget for 2018: 21,500 )

2019 Marketing Goals, Budget, and Metrics

Discussion lead by Guido Stein

  • Make all materials editable and usable
    • output as editable pdf
  • Keep materials up to date
    • code sprint for beginning of year to cleanup and update materials (remote)
  • feedback from discussion list

New Business


  • Astrid will send stickers
  • We will fund a banner for them
  • We will fund a table cloth
  • We will work with Jody to get get Interactive to support the


  • limited up to $2k budget
    • only if we get a free booth, else we cannot afford it
    • OSGeo US will match fund spent for this event
    • This material could also be used for OSGeo US (can we find someone willing to travel with materials)
  • rollup
  • power?
  • table cloth?
  • coach

Follow Up Tasks