Marketing Meeting 2019.08.31

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Meeting Agenda 2019.08.31

  • during FOSS4G Community Sprint 2019 in Bucharest


  • Ticket
  • We need a chair
  • Meetings:
  • Webside - where do we report a bug?
  • What are we working on?
    • Resolve the open issues: ttf (PR)
    • convertig the style guide to html


  • Chair: Jopdy
  • Scribe: Astrid

Roll call

  • Astrid
  • Jody
  • Malena


We have different locations for Tickets - trac/github - for the marketing committee and the webside We want to reduce the tickets to less locations



  • would be good to have a new chair
  • we are going to work on finding a chair. Call for chairs in december 2019
  • meanwhile: if we have a meeting, we will find chair/scribe during the meeting

Decissions via email


Outstanding PR

  • Jody will hve a look at the outstanding PRs


Website style guide


  • we reviewed the budget for 2019, there is more money that we have not spent yet

Marketing Material

  • how can Local Chapters apply for marketing material
  • Descissions: request have to be done via ticket or email to marketing list

waiting on email request from

  • oceania
  • also expecting request from osgeo finnland
  • Astrid will oder another 1000 USB bootable (budget is still there from marketiing committtee)

Exhibition Pack for local events

  • oceania, and uk also request stickers
  • table cloths
  • Astrid will order more material and will send it to the Local Chapters

New Video Channel FOSS4G

Exhibition Pack

Marketing Flyer

  • indd is used from the design company, but is not editable with OS Software
  • a Solution with Inkscape, (scribus) or Libre Office would be good, so that all involved people could work on the flayer
  • meeting Jody / Astrid is planned
  • Jody will try to transfer the indd OSGeoLive flyer to a different format

Webside with Map

  • Ticket todo to fix the map on our webside (see community filter
  • we could spend some money so that someone could work on a nice map for our webiside