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This page is in DRAFT, awaiting Marketing Committee approval.


The OSGeo Foundation supports local communities to promote OSGeo by providing exhibition pack for regional chapters for use at conferences and related events.

This page lists what is provided, what is funded and how to get hold of it. This page should be read in conjunction with the Conference Setup Guide.

Getting an Exhibition Pack

TBD: This process is still to be approved by the OSGeo Marketing Committee:

Regions who don't already have an Exhibition Pack can apply for one using the following process:

Start an email thread with the OSGeo Marketing Email List. Describe:

  • Which conference(s) you wish to exhibit at, and who is intending to organize an OSGeo stand or booth at these conferences.
  • How you have, or plan to negotiate with conference organisors to have a stand allocated to OSGeo. Ideally this booth will be allocated to OSGeo for free, as OSGeo is of great interest to many geospatial delegates, and OSGeo is a non-profit without budget to purchase such a stand.
  • Does your local chapter already have a "Exhibition Pack"?

You will then be asked to put together a quote for the items in the "Exhibition Pack". This typically will be around $US500.

The Marketing Committee will check there are sufficient funds, then will vote to confirm allocation of funds. The OSGeo Treasurer is expected to vote and has veto on allocation of funds.

The Marketing Committee Chair will then email approval for the purchase the items to, marketing committee email list, OSGeo Treasurer and the person/people requesting funds. He/she will also the update budget.

Make sure you retain receipts. Send the receipts to the OSGeo Treasurer to be reimbursed (up to the approved funds).

Photos of Exhibition Booths


Exhibition Pack

The contents of an exhibition pack, along with rough costs are listed in the spreadsheet here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pu9014gybzreYKdV8-WQ_SA

Elaboration of the contents are explained below:

Regional Starter Kit

The "Regional Starter Kit" includes the non-consumables items for an Exhibition Booth, and each Regional OSGeo chapter is entitled to one "Starter Kit", funded by OSGeo.

It includes:

  • Retractable banner
  • Shirts
  • Portable Literature Stand
  • Black Table Cloth

Locally Provided Non-Consumables

These are non-consumable items which should be able to be sourced locally:

  • Demonstration Computer
  • Large monitor or projector
  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Power board
  • Table cloth (optional)
  • OSGeo table skirt

Core Consumable Items

The following are items which need replacing at each conference, and as such are not currently covered by the OSGeo Marketing budget. These include:

Extra Consumable Costs

  • Conference attendee registration
  • Booth registration


Local sponsors are encouraged to include advertise their OSGeo related services at the conference booth. In particular, they may wish to set up a banner, or add their own fliers. This local advertising will not be paid for by OSGeo. Ratio of branding should be proportional to who pays.

Category Item Description Delivery Method
Basic Starter Kit Retractable banner Pop-up stand with printed logo, description. For use with or without a booth. Example photo showing several banners. Locally created from downloadable template.
Portable Literature Stand For holding flyers and brochures. Some examples here, here, and here[1] Locally provided
Table skirt Printed table cloth cover for booth. Possibly as a banner for a wall too. OR a Table Runner over a blank table cloth. Locally printed or shipped regionally - Design in svn
Shirts Business shirts with OSGeo logo over pocket. Maybe like this golf shirt style or button-up likely in black. Shipped regionally
Case studies book Various examples of our tools in use. Cleaned up and professionally presented in 1-2 page formats for several projects. Taken from Journal or Case Studies. Shipped regionally or printed locally depending on quality or style.
Overview Poster Poster presenting OSGeo as a block diagram showing overview of projects and work. Printed locally
Bare Essentials Retractable banner, overview brochures and [LiveDVD] The bare essentials for small functions especially without booth space. Brochures for insertion into attendees bags or distribution.
Basic Consumables Overview Brochure Two sided A4 overview of OSGeo and its projects. Example PDF Printed locally
[LiveDVD] Bootable demo discs including range of OSGeo software and files Shipped regionally
Project Flyers 1 page project summaries. Could be display electronically instead. Example PDF Printed locally
Unfunded Consumables USB Sticks and Shirt Pins Provided by local presenters or others who want more promotional material. Printed locally
On-Site Requirements Demonstration Computer Including [OSGeo-Live] Virtual Machine demos. On-site
Large monitor or projector One that can be used to show attendees walking by, or for sitting down to do a demo. On-site
Table and chairs, power board On-site

The starter kit contains items that can be carried between conferences. Each Local Organizing Committee or regional group is entitled to a starter kit. It contains:

  1. An OSGeo retractable banner stand, approx 1 meter wide, 2 meters tall, with (proposed) text:
Open Source
* Robust, Feature Rich, Open Source Software
* Open Mapping Data
* Educational Programs
  1. A portable literature stand or some tabletop stands[1]
  2. An OSGeo table cloth
  3. Business Shirts with OSGeo logo over the pocket for stand attendants. (Business shirts present a professional image, we have grown past the "hackers in garages" stage.)

Desirable additions to the starter kit

  • A case study folder:

This is asking a lot. Various projects have been trying to compile lists of case studies and projects using their products for ages. We should have quite a few around by now. By compiling them all into proper prose and screen shots, we could bind them up into a loose leaf folder. People are always interested to know who's using this stuff, and while we can point them to web sites or give them examples we know about, I feel it would be much more powerful to walk them through a couple examples in the folder, and give them a chair while they browse the rest. See Case Studies for a start on this but also the Journal which has many.

  • A poster showing a block diagram of the Open Source geospatial stack.

Essential Consumables

  1. A two sided A4 brochure saying what OSGeo is, and listing all the OSGeo projects, with a paragraph summarising each project.
  2. [LiveDVD]s
    1. Bay Area, California $2.00 ea for 500 qt and greater

Desirable Consumables

  1. An A4 flier for each project (these get outdated quite quickly).

Unfunded Consumables

Local presenters might want to hand out extra gadgets or promotional material.

Locally Supplied

  • A demonstration computer, ideally with a [LiveDVD] installed into its own partition. (The LiveDVD is slow if running off the DVD).
  • A large monitor or projector.
  • Table
  • Chairs


Local sponsors are encouraged to include advertise their OSGeo related services at the conference booth. In particular, they may wish to set up a banners, or add their own fliers. This local advertising will not be paid for by OSGeo. Ratio of branding should be proportional to who pays.

Banners and fliers paid for by international OSGeo will be branded with international sponsors. (How this is presented is still to be decided).

Subset for events with no booths

When OSGeo can promote itself in an event where there are not any booths, the following items can be carried:

  1. An OSGeo retractable banner stand.
  2. Consumables for inserting into the material pack provided for attendees (depending on the expected number of them):
* A two sided A4 flier saying what OSGeo is, and listing all the OSGeo projects, with a paragraph summarising each project.
* LiveDVDs

Cost Summary

This is a work-in-progress to estimate how much a package will cost.

Category Item Production Cost Shipping Source Est. cost scenario California Quote
Basic Starter Kit Retractable banner $300 $300 $300 $160(Sale)-$260(normal)[2]

$194-$234 [3] $275(Vinyl) $415(Matte Cloth)[4]

Portable Literature Stand $20-$50 $20 $40 $40(2@$19) [1]
Table skirt $200 $15 $215 $215 $210/220(6'/8') setup fee[4]

$193-$290 [5]
$175 (Throw and Runner separate, see banner above)

Shirts $10-30 x staff $10 $40 (@3) (T-shirt) $310 (@10) (Polo) $16.60-27.00 (@12)

$13.60-24.00 (@24)

Case studies book $5 x copies $20 $45 (@5) $45 (@5) Doesn't currently exist? Consider bound version of OSGeo Live Overviews
Overview Poster $25 $20 $45 $45 Which poster?
Subtotal $620 Which poster?
Basic Consumables Overview Brochure $1 x copies $20 $70 (@50) $220 (@200) N/A
LiveDVD $2 x copies $20 $120 (@50) $420 (@200) N/A
Project Flyers $8 x copies $20 $400 (@50) $1600 (@200) Currently out of date, consider using OSGeo Live Overviews
On-Site Requirements Demonstration Computer
Large monitor or projector
Table and chairs
Unfunded Consumables USB Sticks and Shirt Pins $0.70 (@200) 1" buttons[4]
Estimated Totals $1005 $1605

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Office Depot
  2. Banner and stand,1 day, local[1]
  3. Includes Banner, Stand, shipping($72, 5-7 day) and tax, [2], $122 for just a normal banner (incl. shipping)
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 Inkmonkey, Davis,CA Setup Fees:$305 Skirt,$85 embroidered shirts
  5. 1 side + top - 4 side, 1 full side print in any colors, no setup fee