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Open source GIS trainer, user and translator, OSGeo Charter Member - Chapter Poland

Main activities

  • Testing software
  • Promoting open source GIS in Poland
  • GRASS-wiki administration and translation
  • GRASS Promotion Team
  • Making QGIS better (just a few touches)
  • Writing Context Help for Quantum GIS
  • Training, workshops


From time to time


Wprowadzenie do Quantum GIS - Introduction to Quantum GIS in Polish

Past events

Contact info

do.milenki AT gmail DOT com
Forum (PL)
GRASS, QGIS, gvSIG, MapServer, GeoServer, OpenLayers, Linux forum


Szczecin, Poland

{{#umSetParam: 14.5055|53.44|Szczecin, Poland|MilenaN|Milena Nowotarska }}

{{#umUserMap: MilenaN}}

What's hot

OSGeo4W po polsku

A niedługo OSGeo-Live DVD po polsku - zapraszam do współpracy