OGC OSGeo Interoperability Day 2011

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As part of the annual OSGIS event held by University of Nottingham, OSGeo and OGC will be hosting an "Interoperability Day" to help teach and highlight the complimentary roles of open source software and OGC open standards. The day will be focused on OSGeo software and our approaches to interoperability using OGC specs. Some presentations will be followed by hands-on workshops.

This special day is held at the beginning of the OSGIS event, all day on June 21, 2011.

Our tentative agenda will include:

Title Speaker
09h00 Welcome & CGS Perspective on Interoperability Prof Mike Jackson (CGS)
09h30 OSGeo - Enabling Interoperability Tyler Mitchell (OSGeo)
10h00 Delivering Solutions with OGC & OSGeo Addy Pope (EDINA)
10h30 WIS - A New Global Infrastructure for Meteorology Chris Little,

Co-chair OGC Meteorology & Oceanography Domain Working Group (UK Met)

11h30 Mid-day break
Workshops - 2 concurrent, 2 sessions
12h30 Workshop 1
Translating ANY Ordnance Survey data with OSGeo tools and using in MapServer and other OWS
Mike Saunt, Astun Technology
Workshop 2
One Geology workshop, James Passmore, British Geological Survey, UK
14h00 Break
14h30 Workshop 3
Geoserver workshop
Simone Giannecchini, GeoSolutions Italy
Workshop 4
WMS/QGIS workshop
Saber Razmjooei, Faunalia,UK
16h00 Plenary wrap-up, summary, Q&A Jeremy Morley (CGS)