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Face to face meeting 26-10-2015


Gaël Johan Oliver Maëlle Moritz Tommy


* Social event
* Booklet, poster & banner
* Organisation & volunteers tasks
* Presentations
  • Miscellaneous
* Next meeting


Social event

Most people of the team (7 persons) will participate to the dinner. We expect a bit less than 20 persons to the dinner.

Action: Oliver : confirm team members participation to Rita

Booklet, poster & banner

The booklet is ready and will be printed tomorrow (300 exemplaries).
Posters are also ready. Some of them will be hung up in the BEL. Since we now have the pdf files, everyone can hang posters. We'll also make a "program" poster. It will be hung up in all conference rooms.
Johan has just received the banner.

Action: Oliver : make program poster and send it to Gaël

Organisation & volunteers tasks

We can now count on the support of 22 volunteers. All tasks and owners have now been identified (see here) All tasks will be assigned to the volunteers BEFORE the event. All sponsors will have a parking reserved (behind the building).

Action: Oliver : assign tasks to volunteers
Action: Marc : provide sponsors with informations about the parking and access


We have received Jeff's video but we have not received all presentations yet.

Action: Johan : send reminder to presenters


Next meeting

The next meeting has not been scheduled yet.