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This budget is a draft and has not been approved yet.

Item Description Amount
Accounting Professional accounting, and tax filing support (very rough) $8000
Bank Charges wire fees, service charges, etc $750
Insurance Directors and Officers Insurance $1311
General Liability $3000
Marketing Activities as budgeted by Marketing Committee $5,000
OSGeo Ambassador Funding for travel by ambassadors $5,000
Executive Director
Salary & Benefits Full time senior staffer ($106270CAD * 1.0)

(includes payroll service cost)

Travel Travel and Entertainment $18,000
Office Office, supplies, postage $5,000
Project Infrastructure
Hosting with performance guarantees at peer1, winding down. $8,000
DNS PairNIC - various DNS registrations (including project domains) $400
Server Purchase additional servers, colocated at OSU OSL $15,000
GDAL Sub-Contracts From Project Sponsorships $22,500
Total $198,231


Source Contributors Amount
Sustaining Sponsorships (50K) 0 $0
Principal Sponsorships (20K) 1 $20,000
Supporting Sponsorships (10K) 3 $30,000
Associate Sponsorships (3K) 9 $27,000
Project Sponsorships GDAL $30,000
FOSS4G 2009 Conference $27,000
GSoC (mentorships) 10 (less $2500 or so in travel support) $2,500
Total $136,500


  • All amounts are in US dollars.
  • It is anticipated that the foundation will carry reserves on the order of $150K over from 2009.