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FOSS4G conferences

Defined as "meeting of the tribes" with low fee workshops and relative low fee conference.


  • keep as-is or make more money through higher priced workshops? See "Notes" below.


"OSGeo Teach-in" events

  • New workshop scheme proposed by some board member(s)/charter member(s) as commercial event with relatively high fee
  • TBD:
    • Is a new "OSGeo Teach-in" committee needed to process such external requests (committee reports to board then)?
    • how is the OSGeo brand used (see title). Financial return to OSGeo?
    • who handles event: OSGeo itself or 3rd party
    • how avoid conflict of interest if board member participate and receive financial compensation
    • how to avoid tensions in the community: will commercial "OSGeo Teach-in" events jeopardize voluntary efforts?
    • what is the processing of such external request (be from OSGeo members, be from external people)? Board approval needed, Marketing team approval needed?


Jeroen: {{{ I could see a model in which the workshops cover greater part of the conference cost and are more aligned with for-profit rates, giving a chance to lower the cost for the rest of the conference. This would (a) allow instructors to be compensated better for their efforts. (b) reduce the barrier to come to the conference for those that do not have a prime interest in following workshops. Instructors have more compelling reasons to come since their expenses are covered (no more complaining about fuel taxes ;-) ) and the conference benefits from them being there. }}}

Conflict of Interest policy