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(Existing related free dictionaries)
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* [[User:Neteler|Markus Neteler]]
* [[User:Neteler|Markus Neteler]]
* Landon Blake (A.K.A. - The Sunburned Surveyor

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This page is a proposal

Multi-language OSGeo dictionary

The scope is to collect over the years geo* related terms in a multi-language style to facilitate reading/writing in other languages, to help with software internationalization, to help when writing proposals in non-mother-tongue languages (like me who has to write in Italian) etc.

Example (this would be a dictionary software then):

  EN: landscape genetics
  IT: genetica del paesaggio
  DE: Landschaftsgenetik

Since we are an excellent group of experts covering many languages, we could run this as long-term Edu project.

Once a reasonable amount of terms is available, download should be enabled in Docbook or other formats.

Software platform

We could use the Wiktionary software (http://www.wiktionary.org/) and keep it just running. Possibly an OSGeo hacker could also fetch translations from Wikipedia from a handcrafted terms collection of terms to populate an initial dictionary (using the box on the left side which references translations).

Interested people

Existing related free dictionaries