Paris Code Sprint 2016 : Feedback

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Feedbacks after the Paris Code Sprint 2016 edition.

Blog posts

Victor Poughon -

Giuseppe Broccolo -

Bruno Friedmann -

Even Rouault -

Paul Ramsey -

Howard Butler -

Regina Obe (PostgresOnLine) -

Regina Obe (BostonGIS) -

Olivier Courtin -

Free Expression

Express in few words, few lines, what this Code Sprint was for you and yours projects. (link to tweets are also fine...)

Luca Delucchi - Really great organization and amazing coding place! Thanks to sponsor and organizer.

Bruno Friedmann - Perfect organization and great place.

Howard Butler:

Paul Ramsey:

Daniel Morissette:

Angelos Tsotzos:

Stephan Meißl:

Mateusz Loskot: