Paris Code Sprint 2016 : Feedback

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Feedbacks after the Paris Code Sprint 2016 edition.

Blog posts

Victor Poughon - Orfeo ToolBox (OTB) -

Giuseppe Broccolo - PostgreSQL/PostGIS BRIN indexes -

Bruno Friedmann - OpenSuse Packages -

Even Rouault - OGR/GDAL -

Paul Ramsey - PostGIS -

Howard Butler - PointCloud -

Regina Obe - PostGIS (on PostgresOnLine) -

Regina Obe - PostGIS (on BostonGIS) -

Olivier Courtin - Code Sprint organization -

Vincent Picavet - Technical reports List -

Stephan Mather - OpenDroneMap (remote sprint) -

Vincent Picavet - PostGIS -

Vincent Picavet - PointCloud -

Free Expression

Express in few words, few lines, what this Code Sprint was for you and yours projects. (link to tweets are also fine...)

Luca Delucchi: Really great organization and amazing coding place! Thanks to sponsor and organizer.

Bruno Friedmann : Perfect organization and great place.

Howard Butler: Dear Paris Sprint Organizers,

I would like thank you for hosting such a wonderful time for us participants in Paris. The venue was unique, the food was excellent, and the company was engaging. I very much enjoy participating at these events, and I'm grateful for the locals who take on the challenging task of organizing it. Cheers to Olivier and Oslandia!

As described by the Wednesday presentations, the projects and activities represented made excellent headway. Having an event focused on developer coordination (sprint), rather than specifically outreach (conference), will continue to ripple forward into the projects and software. My thanks to the sponsors who ease the participant burden. It really does make a difference.

Paul Ramsey: I too would like to thank the organizers and sponsors! Organizers put in a lot of work to bring together OSS developers and show off their localities at the same time (point of pride!). The Paris event was another great one, and I for one am about 5 lbs heavier as well as several dozens commits further forward. Sponsors "pay it forward" to make sure projects have a annual kick getting key people together to coordinate the project and solve hard problems (I probably wouldn't have tackled the nasty 2.2 upgrade bug if I hadn't had the contiguous time and Dan Baston at my elbow to help w/ debugging.) Thanks again!

Daniel Morissette: I'll join Paul and Howard to thank the organizers and the sponsors for making this meeting possible once again. The venue was great, Olivier did an awesome job of coordinating the whole thing, and great progress was made in all the projects involved.

Thanks also to all the participants. I was especially happy to see some new names (new to me anyway), which means new blood joining our projects which is always great news.

Angelos Tsotzos: A big thank you to the organizers, the sponsors and all the participants for making this event unforgettable.

Stephan Meißl : Same here, big thanks for a great week.

Mateusz Loskot: It was a perfect combination of work and fun which also, AFAIS, was very productive event for the numerous projects.