SAC 2007 Annual Report

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System Administration Committee (SAC) 2007 Annual Report

This report is a summary of activities undertaken by the OSGeo SAC committee. It is expected that portions of this document will be included in the OSGeo Annual Report, and this document is not meant to be entirely inclusive.

Report Period

This report covers the period of April 21st, 2006 until December 31st, 2007.

Formation Motion

The SAC committee was formally convened on April 21st, 2006 at the Seventh_Board_Meeting, with Norman Vine being appointed chair.

Early to Mid 2006 Activities

During SAC's early days, the focus was on coordinating OSGeo's collaboration with The ultimate outcome of these activities was OSGeo's use of the "TelaScience blades" for things like, providing resources for the GeoData committee, and providing various resources for member projects.

Mid to Late 2006 Activities

By the middle of 2006, it was becoming clear that CollabNet was not going to meet the organization's needs or fit the organization's workflow and we would be needing to move off of CollabNet and on to our own platform. Activities in this time period related to preparing for the migration and taking on new members to help with the effort. By coordinating with other committees such as WebCom, PEER1 was decided to be our hosting provider, with two capable machines being requisitioned.

To be continued...