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This is the tranlsation of the official Sénégal page.

Senegalease OSGeo Local Chapter


  • Promote FOSS GIS in Senegal.
  • Take advantage of existing OSGeo infrastructure and knowledge to develop training activities in FOSS4G for Senegalease people.
  • Create a dynamic and durable partnership between already existing ASIGEO and Global OSGeo.
  • Organizing local meeting which can take advantage of the knowledge and people network of OSGeo.


The first meeting took place in Dakar (Senegal) on 2009/12/02, people presents are listed here after :

  • Mr Mandiaye Ndiaye, ASIGEO president,
  • Mr Mouhammade Diop, ASIGEO vice-president,
  • Mr Ngagne Diallo, ASIGEO planification manager,
  • Mr Moussa Diaw, ASIGEO one of more actif member,
  • Mss Ndeye Penda Sarr, ASIGEO finacial comitee presidente,
  • Mr Gérald Fenoy, OSGeo evangelist.

Find some photos of the people involved at the meeting.

The next meeting is planned for January 2010.


The initiative to create a Senegal Local Chapter of OSGeo and close cooperation with ASIGEO was started by:

  • Mandiaye Ndiaye (mnjaye at yahoo dot fr / asigeo1 at yahoo dot fr)
Boulevard Roosevelt immeuble mediature
BP-253 Dakar
Tel +221 77 539 77 49
  • Gérald Fenoy
  • Venkatesh Raghavan (venka dot osgeo at gmail dot com)

Involved people

People which will actively participate to the Local Chapter creation :

  • Mouhammade DIOP ( mouhammade at yahoo dot com )
  • Ngagne Diallo ( diallo underscore demba at yahoo dot com )
  • Moussa Karé Diaw ( moudiaw at yahoo dot fr )
  • Gérald Fenoy

Other members of ASIGEO which would like to contribute :

  • Ndeye Penda Sarr ( ndeypenda at gmail dot com )
  • Khalifa Ababacar Sarr ( khafsarr at yahoo dot fr )
  • Aliou Diouf ( aliou underscore diouf at yahoo dot fr )