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  1. I can contribute programming time to this project, I have been looking into doing something similar myself, but I need someone to push me in the right direction when it comes to the big picture. -- User:Homann
  2. Worked for 10 years in forest industry, woodlands management, side of things; happy to help co-direct development and have it tested by users in the field; familiar with most of the OSGeo stack as well as QGIS -- Tyler Mitchell
  3. I can help define project direction and necessary functionality. I am willing to take on programming tasks as needed, preferably under the guidance or working alongside someone more experienced. I can also facilitate the testing and continued development of project the project with a diverse group of potential end-users. -- Lee Mueller
  4. I'm up to my ears in work at the moment but want to participate as soon as time permits (hopefully in a couple of months. It's a fantastic idea with lots of potential.My name is Jake and I'm a forester in Orland Maine. Nice meeting you all.
  5. I'm Max Uhlenhuth - founder of and lead engineer behind Plot Hound, a cross-platform mobile cruising app that runs on Android and iPhone. We built Plot Hound using all open source software. Although Plot Hound is free to use, it's not open source. Although maybe there is a compelling reason to do so...? Excited to meet the rest of you guys.
  6. I'm Jake Maier - a consulting forester with some programming experience from 20 years ago.
  7. I'm Abdoul O. Dia, co-founder of OpenGeomatica and data analysis consultant. I do have a good experience in programming (VB(A), R, C++) and database design/management. I can help on moving the project forward. I can contribute on programming (prefereably in C++).

Current Tasks

Task Leader Item Description
A1 Abdoul Database Schema Develop a system for data that can be stored and retrieved from a spatial database.
C1 Lee Calculations Develop functions to perform basic forestry calculations.

Basic Development

Task Item Description
A1 Database schema Develop a system for data (chiefly inventory and management prescriptions) that can be stored in a spatial database.
A2 QGIS-Database Link Link database with QGIS layers to support retrieval and viewing of data within QGIS.
B1 Plot layout Automatically generate plot points based on user-entered specifications (spacing, random or regular, etc).
B2 Plot-Stand Allocation Recognize plot location and allocate ownership to appropriate stands. Change if stand location changes.
C1 Volume/Stand Calculations Develop functions to perform basic forestry calculations.
C2 Table Generation Use calculations to develop volume tables and stand tables for each stand or defined area.
C3 Report Generator Output information, tables, and figures into neat report.
D Data Entry Create system for data/inventory entry and recognition of possible outliers (errors).

Wish List

What types of workflow or features are required for managing forests? Think broad, and then we can get into specifics in each category.

GPS traversing

General data capture to record paths, boundaries and locations using GPS.

  • Ability to turn it on/off
  • Ability to capture multiple types of features

Design and capture

Block, road, treatment areas

  • Connect various attributes to GPS collected information
  • Custom input forms

Mobile map platform

Following current and planned locations

  • Map layer control on/off
  • Zoom, pan, query
  • Basic feature calculations - length, area, sum attributes
  • Show GPS,
  • Auto panning map via GPS
  • Edit stand boundary and sale boundary shapefiles

Inventory collection and analysis

Backend database and front end collection of inventory details

  • Offline database, with inventory schema
  • Platform for mobile data collection and input
  • Auto form generation for particular feature types
  • Syncing with master db when back online
  • Generation of reports such as stand tables, stocking tables, and associated information.
  • Predict future devlopment of standing volume etc.
  • Perform economic analysis with specifed user input
  • Ability to calibrate based on localized growth and yield tables.
  • Support for a varity of cruise methods. (Point, fixed plot, etc.)
  • Support for a variety of volume tables. (Scribner, Doyle, International 1/4, Carlson Method).

Sample plot reconnaissance and survey

  • Generate plot schemes based on sampling intensity needs, and other input criteria (random vs. systematic, etc).
    • Zig Zag schema based on tract width/length.
  • Relate/connect plot/survey locations with inventory to allow for plot re-use in subsequent more intensive sampling efforts.

Terrain/slope/area/distance computation and measurements

  • Ability to work in, use and display acres/hectares rather than just sq ft/m and miles/km.


  • What has the development of the different stands been over the years?
  • Compare pictures taken previously to visualize changes
  • Linking stands over time (splitting, changing borders)
  • Change detection


  • From old style surveying techniques, calculate positions of corners/markers in GPS datum

Utilize existing data

  • Integrate national FIA data.
  • Display/use forestry information from national soils data.