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For an updated first page '''layout''', see here: http://grass.osgeo.org/wiki/New_OSGeo_Wiki_Startpage
For an updated first page '''layout''', see here: http://grass.osgeo.org/wiki/New_OSGeo_Wiki_Startpage

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For an updated first page layout, see here: http://grass.osgeo.org/wiki/New_OSGeo_Wiki_Startpage

-- Markus Neteler 14:45, 20 June 2008 (EDT)

How do we refer to geospatial free and open source software in this wiki? Does "OSGeo software" mean the foundation projects or is it a general term? If it refers to only the foundation projects, how do we then refer to this software in general?

I propose having separate pages for committees and their projects. There should be direct links to these pages on the main page. I have the same opinion about the www.osgeo.org pages, now I seem to have to click several times to get to committee/project pages.

Ari, I wouldn't be offended if you moved the committee list page into this main page as a subsection. I'm not sure of a "quick" way of referring to open source geospatial software. "OSGeo software" certainly leaves some uncertainty as to whether it refers to only foundation projects or more generally.

--Warmerda 22:20, 26 March 2006 (CEST)

I moved the events link from here and put it under promo&visibility page, where there is another link to another events page. (Maybe some merging is needed)

I suggest that we clean up this main page and use better titles. The current ones are not very descriptive.

--AJolma 8 August 2006 (CEST)