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Tyler dumping some recent thoughts here, incomplete

Marketing Targets

Determining particular messages to be sharing, summed up in a few phrases for further material development. Three groups to give message to:

  1.  Application users
  2.  Application Developers (including web)
  3. Decision makers

Summarise these groups into a couple sentences each and also a terse phrase/headline.

Application Users

Who are they:

Users of mapping related applications and tools.

OSGeo projects provide:

Applications for them to use for making maps and managing geographic information.

Headline: Tools to Use


Free mapping tools for managing your geographic information

Application Developers

Who are they:

Developers of web and desktop applications. Not all familiar with geospatial concepts. May involve data handling applications.

OSGeo project provides:

Application programming libraries for data access and openly accessible desktop/web-based development frameworks. Some components are ready to use or available to be customised further.

Headline: Foundations to Build On


Fast-track your development by building on data access APIs and mature frameworks for web and desktop applications and open standards.

Decision Makers

Who are they:

Project managers from GIS, web or IT  development. Management looking for solutions for staff, users or customers.

OSGeo Projects Provide:

  Approximately 8 Million lines of code, and 500 developers worth of applications and libraries. Access to data formats and open standards to accelerate development and delivery of solutions.

Headline:  Deliver Flexibility....


Open solutions for long term stability of your projects.

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I think something interesting to add to this page is the message we are trying to deliver to different "targets". These include:

  1. You can use OSGeo software to get useful work done.
  2. You can build your software/service on top of OSGeo software.
  3. You can sponsor OSGeo and get benefits.
  4. You can contribute time and effort to OSGeo to improve the organization and software.

At the executive left we might be trying to get messages 2 and 3 across. To average folks we might be promoting messages 1. To existing users we might be promoting message 4.

--Warmerda 23:43, 15 March 2006 (CET)

Yes, in retorspect I sort of left it implicit that this is actually a 3-D table: WHO, HOW, and WHAT, with the WHAT being the specific messaging construct (such as you've listed above).

I should probably go dig up my Marketing 101 folder...


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