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As a Debian and Ubuntu user of GRASS, I'd like to give here my 2¢ about binaries.

  1. People don't like external repositories
  2. People don't like non-debianized binaries (that's why they are using Debian)
  3. People like Debian because of its stability: a sysadmin won't accept to install external packages in a production environment

So IMVHO, targeting to these 2 distros, OSGEO should come and help DebianGIS, who is responsible for Debian packages, and have someone in the Ubuntu MOTU (Masters of the Universe : those who manage packages that come straight from debian unstable without being modified by the Ubuntu staff) who takes care about keeping current versions in the repositories.

1 single binary for all Linux distros is not good IMHO, for the reasons above.--Steko 22:28, 23 October 2006 (CEST)