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(Now run mkrobots.sh instead of manually changing the robots file.)
(remove upgrade plan as it is complete and then some.)
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*** "[Recipient filters]"
*** "[Recipient filters]"
**** ''acceptable_aliases''
**** ''acceptable_aliases''
= Upgrade to 0.12.x from 0.11.x plan =
A clone of the server has been created [http://tracsvn2.osgeo.osuosl.org Tracsvn2]
# Test upgrade of Trac
## Verify LDAP and Commit hooks still work
## Test mulit-repo and git support
# Upgrade the Debian release (possibly 1st)
# Once we think it will all work, sync the svn and trac databases to bring Tracsvn2 up to date.
## Test, test, test
## flip the switch in DNS and retire the current trac VM.

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Trac 0.11.7 is running at http://trac.osgeo.org/ (the tracsvn VM at OSU OSL).

  • Trac Guide
  • All data and configurations live under /var/www/trac
  • virtual server configurations are under /etc/httpd/conf.d/trac
  • Existing Instances
  • Actual python is installed in /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/trac
  • Frank Warmerdam and Howard Butler have configuration experience, and can help maintain instances.
  • available plugins:
    • TOC - multi page tables of contents.
    • MediaWikiMacro - provides media wiki like format support (link? details?
    • TracDoxygen - mix doxygen docs into trac interface (needs extra admin support)
    • SecureTickets - The authz policy mechanism provides fine-grained permissions for tickets.


Local Customizations

The file /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/trac/notification.py was substantially modified to support looking up email addresses in LDAP, and will need to be re-adjusted if we upgrade to a new version of Trac.

Creating a trac instance

  $ sudo createdb -U postgres trac_<proj_name>
  $ sudo trac-admin /var/www/trac/<proj_name> initenv
  • Make sure to set the db connection to postgres://postgres@/trac_<proj_name>
  • Use /var/www/svn/repos/<proj_name> for the svn path
  $ sudo trac-admin /var/www/trac/<proj_name> permission add <osgeo_userid> TRAC_ADMIN
  $ sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/trac/<proj_name>
  • Update /var/www/trac//<proj_name>/conf/trac.ini to enable email notification.
  • Add virtual host file /etc/apache2/conf.d/trac/<proj_name>.conf enabling LDAP based authentication.
  • Logo can be referenced in /var/www/trac/<proj_name>/conf/trac.ini and placed in /var/www/trac/<proj_name>/htdocs
  • modify webadmin.* setting in trac.ini to enabled for web based administration.
  • Add to /var/www/trac/index.html
  • Regenerate the robots.txt file with the command:
 $ sudo /var/www/trac/mkrobots.sh

Recommended Trac permissions:

       anonymous       BROWSER_VIEW
       anonymous       CHANGESET_VIEW
       anonymous       FILE_VIEW
       anonymous       LOG_VIEW
       anonymous       MILESTONE_VIEW
       anonymous       REPORT_SQL_VIEW
       anonymous       REPORT_VIEW
       anonymous       ROADMAP_VIEW
       anonymous       SEARCH_VIEW
       anonymous       TICKET_VIEW
       anonymous       TIMELINE_VIEW
       anonymous       WIKI_VIEW
       authenticated   TICKET_CHGPROP
       authenticated   TICKET_CREATE
       authenticated   TICKET_MODIFY
       authenticated   WIKI_CREATE
       authenticated   WIKI_MODIFY
       developers      DOXYGEN_VIEW
       developers      MILESTONE_ADMIN
       developers      REPORT_ADMIN
       developers      REPORT_CREATE
       developers      WIKI_ADMIN
       warmerdam       developers
       warmerdam       TRAC_ADMIN

SQL Compatability Issue with Postgres

You will have to modify the SQL statement of the All Ticket by Milestone report. This can be done by accessing the trac report page and click the Edit report button (You need to be an admin of the trac instance). Check the sql statement of another trac instance and replace the one of the new instance.


Installed plugins (do in every trac instance, installation guide):

Custom fields

See http://trac.edgewall.org/wiki/TracTicketsCustomFields

for example, in trac.ini:

    platform = select
    platform.label = Platform
    platform.options = Unspecified|MSWindows 2K|MSWindows XP|MSWindows Vista|MSWindows CygWin|MacOSX|Linux|Other Unix|All
    platform.value = Unspecified
    cpu = select
    cpu.label = CPU
    cpu.options = Unspecified|x86-32|x86-64|OSX/PPC|OSX/Intel|Other|All
    cpu.value = Unspecified

Secure Tickets

See http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/SecureTicketsPlugin (Note that the installed plugin has been modified for OSGeo)

The initial behavior of the plugin was to set all tickets private, then let the user defines what are the public components. It has been modified this to fit osgeo needs. Since everything is public by default, we'll set manually the private components and everything else will be public.

Using the plugin

1- Enable the plugin in trac.ini:

 securetickets.* = enabled

2- Modify the permission_policies in trac.ini:

 permission_policies = SecureTicketsPolicy, DefaultPermissionPolicy, ...

3- Define private components in trac.ini:

 private_components = Vulnerabilities, Component2, ...

To allow a user or a group to view the private tickets, you'll have to add him the permission SECURE_TICKET_VIEW

Timeline with filename indication

 changeset_long_messages = false
 changeset_show_files = 1
 changeset_files_count = 3
 default_daysback = 30
 ticket_show_details = false

(see for example here)

Hotcopy a trac instance

  $ sudo trac-admin /var/www/html/trac/<proj_name> hotcopy /path/to/copy/trac/to

Trac Spam

We have had problems with trac spam when ticket create and ticket modify permissions were set to anonymous (the default). To get around this most (all?) instances have been changed to require authenticated users to do these actions.

But some projects strongly desire to support anonymous ticket creation and modification and at some point this might be viable using image captcha technology to keep out the spammers. A Trac plugin for this is apparently under development, and described at:


Trac notification forward to project mailing list

To fwd notifications from trac to e.g. a project developers mailing list, you need to

  • set in trac the mailing list address as default (trac Admin section)
  • add the trac@osgeo.org address (or trac_osgeo@.., or ...) in Mailman to
    • "Privacy options"
      • "Subscription rules"
      • "[Sender filters]"
        • "Non-member filters"
          • "List of non-member addresses whose postings should be automatically accepted."
  • As the mail may be addressed to "undisclosed recipients" instead of directly to the list, the messages may be held for moderator approval. To avoid this add "undisclosed recipients" to the list of acceptable aliases at
    • "Privacy options"
      • "[Recipient filters]"
        • acceptable_aliases