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The OSGeo UN Committee promotes the development and use of open source software that meets UN needs and supports the aims of the UN. Following a meeting between OSGeo Board of Directors and the UN GIS team at FOSS4G in Seoul, Korea in September 2015, the Committee has mainly worked on the UN Open GIS Initiative, a project “ identify and develop an Open Source GIS bundle that meets the requirements of UN operations, taking full advantage of the expertise of mission partners including partner nations, technology contributing countries, international organisations, academia, NGOs, private sector. The strategic approach shall be developed with best and shared principles, standards and ownership in a prioritized manner that addresses capability gaps and needs without duplicating efforts of other Member States or entities. The UN Open GIS Initiative strategy shall collaboratively and cooperatively develop, validate, assess, migrate and implement sound technical capabilities with all the appropriate documentation and training that in the end provides a united effort to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of utilizing Open Source GIS around the world.” (more details at []).

Purpose of this document

This educational material is designed as a step-by-step software learning guide for the users of the UN uDig Processing Tool (GXT) for data elaboration. GXT Toolbox for uDig is a plugin that provides geoprocessing functionalities of the GXT engine library. GXT is geoprocessing engine library written in Java that allows users to analyze geospatial data. GXT is based on the GeoTools library and provides OGC Web Processing Service(WPS) through GeoServer. GXT integrates seamlessly with Open Source Java GIS such as uDig GIS, 52° North Web Processing Service. Currently it supports more than 200 algorithms and KOPSS (Korea Planning Support System) Open API. GXT itself is a commercial product (server only) but desktop plugin is free for anyone who use uDig GIS.

Geoshape is a free and open source geospatial platform created from various open source projects. You can visit for more information. This Quick Start provides a guide on how to 1. Create, edit and share critical data on an integrated dynamic map in near real time. 2. View map updates by users from anywhere in the world and 3. Use GeoSHAPE exchange in connected and disconnected environments.The training material is intended to provide all the materials needed to run a 5 day course on UN GeoSHAPE platform for data collection. The course is structured with content to suit novice, intermediate and advanced users.

Target Audience

The primary target audience is, therefore, professionals at local, regional, national or international agencies especially those in developing countries.


This educational material has been authored by Ketty Adoch under the framework of the UN OSGeo Challenge, with the mentorship of Christina Hupy from Boundless who sponsored the production of this material. The material is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.