United Kingdom Chapter Report 2008

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UK Local Chapter

Key Accomplishments

  • Although the chapter was first mentioned in 2006, this was the first year that we started to really do something with it.
  • Mainly through presenting at various conferences, seminars and workshops, membership increased from a notional 3 to approx 50.

Areas for Improvement

  • We need to improve our web presence, and are working towards this by arranging pages on the main OSGeo website.
  • We need to produce printed literature supporting the OSGeo cause and that of the local chapter.
  • We need to keep the momentum going and continue to raise the profile of the group.

Opportunities to Help

  • Sign up at the wiki and come to the conference in June 2009!
  • Identify opportunities for the chapter members to meet up, or present on OSGeo.
  • Help find case studies on succesful transitions to, or use cases for, open source GIS.

Outlook for 2009

  • Official recognition for the chapter (in January 2009)
  • The first UK open source GIS conference, in Nottingham, on 22nd June 2009, in conjunction with the University of Nottingham Centre for Geospatial Science! This should be a great day, with lots of really interesting presentations and workshops.
  • Continuing efforts to raise the profile of open source GIS as a viable alternative for individuals, academics and business use, particularly in the light of the UK government's pledge to use more open source software.