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  • Name: Dave McIlhagga
  • Affiliation: DM Solutions Group
  • OSGeo Committees: Finance
  • Email:
  • Phone: +1-613-565-5056
  • OSGeo Projects - MapServer, MapGuide, OpenLayers
  • Background Info

President & CEO of DM Solutions Group. Active promoter of open source geospatial technologies. Led DM Solutions Group to become a major contributor and advocate of MapServer and development of key open source MapServer utilities including Chameleon, kaMap, MapLab, MS4W. Provided financial and resource support for setup of a key home for open source geospatial projects at MapTools. Led the organizing committee for OSGIS, the first Open Source Geospatial conference in North America which coincided with the second MapServer User Meeting. Spearheaded the integration of the two major open source geospatial conferences from North America and Europe/Asia, as the Free and Open Source Software for Geoinformations single international event to be held in Lausanne Switzerland.