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I am a geographer and geospatial professional with over 32 years experience developing policies, programs, and solutions for collecting, managing, analyzing, and visualizing (geospatial) data utilizing geographic information systems (GIS), digital mapping, 3-dimensional modeling, and imaging for numerous practice areas including but not limited to: •Public safety and emergency operations: fire, emergency medical services and police services; disaster preparedness and response. •Intergovernmental data development and sharing cooperatives; and other governmental applications including (street) address and street centerline development, error detection, correction, and standards development. •Transportation planning and analysis. •Facilities and asset management. •Environmental studies and permitting; geology and mining; forestry and agriculture; oceanography; wetland delineation and permitting; air quality; climatology; land use, land cover mapping. •Public Utilities: potable water, wastewater, stormwater; cable television, telecommunications. •Socio-economic and urban studies and development; community health services and hospital market analysis; and historic preservation. •Demographic/market profiling and site selection; precinct demography and redistricting. •Community development, zoning, planning, and construction.